transmission-to-the-fifth-dimension-here-and-nowGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will switch over to a new topic many of you have been concerned with for a long time.

It will deal with the way how Transition to the Fifth dimension proper will occur.

Despite the fact that it has already been much spoken about in the messages of the Higher Powers it is very difficult for a human being to image themselves and their life in new space and time parameters.

Yet, in reality it is easy to do.

Life in higher dimensions is the good old state of being “here and now”.

In your world it is difficult to achieve because of the endless “marathon” of your thoughts that either take you away to the past life or fly far away into the future and you pay no attention to what is going on around you and to you right now.

So, this mental marathon prevents you from stopping for a minute and perceiving the charm of the current moment with its fullness and depth, uniqueness and singularity.

A lot of people have got so accustomed to this state that their brain never rests – even in sleep it carries on going here and there, back and forth solving innumerable problems that were made up by people themselves.

I understand that it is sometimes difficult to survive in the third dimension world, especially if you are responsible for your family.

Do believe me, my dear ones, if you learned to live “here and now” in this world as well you wouldn’t have to survive – you would be able to LIVE happily and jolly.

Your major mistake is that by returning into the past in your thoughts you start trusting your past experience and try either to avoid the mistakes made in the past or repeat the success and this way you work out certain programmes driving yourselves to strict limits of patterns.

While flying away into the future you often build castles in the air unnecessary for your soul since your dreams are usually inspired not by your genuine dreams at all but by the image of pretty life that is vigorously imposed on you by your family, friends, acquaintances, advertisement, fashion, in other words, you are in a pursue of cakes and ale.

But if you learned to live here and now you would understand you need few things to be happy and this state is a creation of your inner world and it doesn’t require anything outside you.

Yet, it is time you start learning to do this since it is this state of concentration on original you and understanding of your genuine dreams that will help you to overcome the barrier separating the third dimension world from the worlds of higher dimensions.

So, now we will move towards it little by little slow but sure: with no abrupt movements and painful swings we will change your attitude to life, yourselves and people around you learning to live “here and now” and making way to your conscience only  for the things necessary for your Soul.

Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on June 8, 2019

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