transmission-to-the-fifth-dimension-first-prioritiesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

So, let’s set about the complicated but urgent for you task of cleansing your conscience from the third dimension programmes, which will help you to get rid of all your standard thoughts and, consequently, behaviour patterns.

And the thing to start with is to establish your first life priorities.

As you understand, you should do it by yourselves as it is simply impossible to work out a single “manual” at this point.

I can just give you the direction that will encourage you to go deep into yourselves.

Let’s act on the premises that those reading this message are fully aware of the fact that in a human being the Soul and the Spirit hold sway over the physical body and the Mind that was entrapped by the dual world long ago.

So, now your task is to place your Mind at the service of the Soul, which will help you to establish your first priorities in accordance with the desires of your Soul but not human Ego.

Start small. Try to brush away the things in your life that became unnecessary for you long ago and don’t make you happy any more just trailing from the third dimension world, the one you are anxious to break free from.

It can be anything: unnecessary clothes that you can give out to the needy or responsibility for your nearest and dearest that you fulfill automatically simply out of habit, not for your enjoyment.

It can also be long-term relations that have had their days and don’t unite you with the people any longer but result in the feeling of rejection.

I think many of you have already experienced it.

The vibration gap between people which results in the rejection like this will only go on increasing.

Of course, you should do all this in a mild and polite way not opposing yourselves to others, boasting of your spirituality or exceptionality in comparison with all the rest, which will only result in their offence and encourage your false pride.

From now on you should ally to delicacy and tact while treating anyone you come across on your way.

Why is this so important?

It is because these qualities are the only ones that can neutralize any negative emotions so often to arise between the people of the third dimension world.

It will help you to avoid them and not to supply others with them and consequently  not to add “the last straw” of negative energy to the dual world “camel”.

I know that it is difficult for many people, those emotional by nature in particular, to learn to control their emotions not giving way to those they have accumulated inside.

And here I can give you one and only advice: not to restrain your emotions artificially, which will inevitably destroy you from inside, learn to monitor them at the very start – to say “Stop!” to yourselves just at the right moment.

But the main thing to understand is why these emotions were about to break free falling upon your interlocutor and do on-the-spot correction work.

So, you will see that almost always you discontent with someone is the reflection of your own drawbacks that you haven’t eradicated yet.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on June 9, 2019

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