TRANSITION TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION (Call of duty or call of Soul?)

transmission-to-the-fifth-dimension-call-of-duty-or-call-of-soulGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I will tell you how you can learn to distinguish between your call of duty and call of Soul as well as about energy component of the two notions.

Let’s turn to a study case that seems to be most common in your life.

One of the chief duties of a human being in the third dimension world is considered to be looking after their elderly parents.

For many people it turns into a heavy and sometimes backbreaking burden they are saddled with for many and many years, which deprives of the peace of mind and health these decent and selfless people who forget about themselves in favour of those in their care.

At this point a lot depends on how congenial your and your parents’ souls are.

As it has already been said in many of my messages there can be born souls of different ages, ranging from ancient to very young ones, in one and the same family.

It often happens that children are the very ancient souls who have come to Earth to help people at this acute moment of the planet’s transmission period and to get the last experience of the third dimension world life while their parents can be young inexperienced souls who have just started their spiritual journey.

It is certain to happen not by chance: it encourages ancient souls embodied in children to consolidate their Unconditional Love experience even finding themselves in the third dimension world while younger souls get an opportunity to advance to the higher levels of their spiritual development living side by side with pure and wise souls of their children.

This is what occurs more and more often these days that is why physical age is driven to the background and the expression “age breeds wisdom” is not valid in this case.

Wisdom is gained by the quantity and “quality” of incarnations of souls at different levels of existence and it becomes apparent now as ever.

Next, let’s imagine the following situation.

Mother or father obsessed by the third dimension world passions and, consequently, affected by a whole bunch of diseases drain their children’s energy with endless demands and whims.

While their son or daughter meets all their needs without a murmur regarding it as being their duty or responsibility.

It often happens that they enjoy no soul intimacy or mutual understanding any more or, maybe, never did but one carries this exorbitant load finding oneself in total energy dependence from one’s parents ruining one’s soul this way – preventing it from living freely and happily fulfilling the mission it came on Earth for.

Of course, the number of parent-child relations patterns can be innumerable and happy is the one who is really close to one’s nearest and dearest in spiritual terms. In this case looking after them comes as a call of soul – naturally and jolly.

But what if you find yourself in the situation just like the one I gave you as an example?

To start with, you should get fully aware of the things that make you stay by your parents’ side – blood or spiritual relationship, whether they encourage your spiritual growth or retard it making you stay in the limits of the third dimension life alien to you with all its clichés and patterns based on a variety of negative emotions.

So, when you get a clear and really objective idea of the situation you should work out a new policy towards those in your care so as not to let energy vampires ruin your life and crush your soul.

Believe me, my dear ones, this is what often happens to those taking wrong the responsibility for the people they were born by.

Well, how can you cut a good figure in such a complicated situation?

You shouldn’t certainly leave to the mercy of fate the sick and the helpless but IN TERMS OF ENERGY you should completely cut yourselves off from them.

Believe my word, my dear ones, it won’t be cruel of you to do so, for from the Divine point of view not a single soul is allowed to live at the expense of any other soul.

Everyone is responsible for the things they did – this is the way the Law of Reflection works.

But if you let somebody else’s negative programmes intrude into your energy space you assume their responsibility and get responsible for their “sins” paying in your time, health and peace of mind.

You can go on supporting them in any possible physical way but in terms of energy you must be pure and self-sufficient.

You should live your life, not theirs.

If you can draw this borderline and learn to put into practice the things I told you about you will return to yourself and will find the golden mean that will help you, fulfilling your human duty, to live your life following YOUR soul, not those of theirs’.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on June 3, 2019

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