transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-energy-purenessGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I will explain to you why your energy pureness is so important, the one that was mentioned in many of my messages.

The thing is that it is the very “key” that opens the door to the Fifth dimension.

Why is it so difficult for many of you to learn to live “here and now”?

It is only because of the fact that your energy space is constantly taken by SOMEBODY ELSE’S programmes, thoughts and emotions that trigger in your restless Mind the mental “marathon” I spoke about in my recent message.

In order to tell somebody else’s thoughts from those of yours you should learn to live in energy pureness – in your “cocoon” of high vibrations that just like armour will thoroughly protect your aura from penetrating any alien low vibration energies into it.

And one of the first steps towards this state of energy pureness should become your ability to treat equally all the people not separating them into “ins” and “outs”, close and distant ones.

I see that it is the very thing that is the stumbling stone for many and many of you.

Nearest and dearest are often to drag you into invisible energy “whirlpools” – into their space, wishes and, actually, into their life.

You have already learnt to escape unnecessary contacts with other people whereas you can’t avoid your family.

But this last obstacle can also be removed.

It is necessary to outline precisely the limits of the allowable for your relatives: make it clear for them that there are some things and notions that are sacred for you and you can’t sacrifice them even in favour of your family and that they are not allowed to intrude into your energy space no matter what they think of your world views and convictions.

If you manage to get this “autonomy” in your own family it will be your first step on the way to the state of “here and now”.

You can ask me: What about my family duties? How can I escape them?

You needn’t escape them. You should just change your attitude to all the things you do – learn to enjoy small things – your each and every action and deed.

Try to be creative in everything you do.

Let even everyday routine turn for you into fascinating pastime.

And you can only achieve this by being “here and now” getting head and heels into the things you are busy with at the moment.

You will agree, my dear ones, that being busy with one thing you think about some other things this way depriving yourself of the enjoyment of full indulgence in the very process of work and its result.

Exorbitant swing in thoughts and inner fuss introduce into your energy space incredible chaos that not only reduces your vibration frequency but also prevents you from concentrating on “here and now”.

But the saddest thing is that chaos energy penetrates everything you do.

For example, if you cook dinner while your head is busy with “digesting” the offence you were made or some kind of problem solving all these energies will inevitably fill the meal you cook and consumed with the meal will be emitted into the world.

Remember that all the living and nonliving objects a human being deals with ALWAYS absorb their energy.

This is the reason why I ask you over and over again to get responsible for your every thought and emotion saving this way yourself and everything around you from destructive low vibration frequency energies.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on June 11, 2019

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