TRANSITION TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION (Light will attract Light, Dark will reject it)

transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-light-will-attract-light-dark-will-reject-itGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Now we will consider the other case and will speak about the influence made by the wave of Ascension on the person who is viewed as poor in the third dimension world and by many is considered to be a looser.

Of course, of the primary importance here is the way one sees oneself and the extent one is dependent on opinions of other people.

Someone can be really thankful for small mercies and feel absolutely happy at that.

While for others the opinion of their environment is more important and they suffer when they catch sympathizing or contemptuous eyes.

What energy processes occur in the former and the latter case and what is the influence of the wave of Ascension on them?

A happy person is always balanced and, consequently, their energy space contains positive energies.

Coming into contact with the energies of higher vibrations being brought to Earth by the wave of Ascension, these energies will be strengthened manifold.

As a result, one will start attracting people and events of the similar vibrations.

Their life begins changing to the better even with no special efforts for their side.

If one knows about the current events on Earth, they can start creating their new reality by imagination simultaneously making some specific steps at the physical level, too.

Thereby one will speed up the long-awaited changes in life that can result in finding a new job to one’s heart, meeting a beloved and spiritually close person, interesting acquaintances and exciting travel.

But even if they are far from the topic of Transition and simply live in joy, Love and harmony with themselves and the world, changes in life will take place automatically thanks to the fact that their pure and light energy field will be constantly supplied with the high vibration energies conveyed by the wave of Ascension.

Anyway, they benefit from the contact with it both in the spiritual and material aspect.

Well, what will happen to the one who considers oneself a miserable failure worth of scorn for the part of more successful people?

Their energy field consisting of such low vibration energies as fear for future, guilt for oneself and one’s family, envy, anger, feeling of being dissatisfied with oneself and life in general will not be able to attract pure and light energies of Ascension.

They will pass by making no impact on this person and changing nothing in their life.

As a result, they will plunge even more into the abyss of discontent, annoyance and fear remaining the captive of the third dimension world whose standards they try to meet.

Therefore, always remember, my dear, that the most important for you is THE STATE OF THE SOUL – the energy that your energy space is filled with, not external factors that from other people’s point of view can be rather pitiful.

Only your energy purity can attract the salutary energy of the wave of Ascension that will take you and bring to new achievements and new life on the Earth of the Fifth dimension.

Light will attract Light, while Dark will reject it.

This is how the Laws of the Universe work and with every single day they are coming in power more and more on your planet.

I bless you, my dear, and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 14, 2020.

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