WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Your conscience level “test”)

window-on-new-world-your-conscience-level-testGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to offer you some kind of a test that will allow you to identify not only the level of your vibrations but also your location at the imaginary scale of dimensions: from the third to the fifth one.

I know that it seems to many of you that you have already crossed the border line that separates the third dimension from the fourth one and have firmly settled in this high vibration space.

Yet, to make ultimately sure it is really so, try to honestly and impartially answer the following questions to yourselves:


How do I respond to the negative information that comes from without?

Besides, it is not essential what sources it is received from: mainstream or alternative.

It you become desperate, irritated or seized with the feeling of powerlessness to change anything, you are still in the space of the third dimension.

While if you just take into consideration the changes that occur on your planet trying to contribute one more piece to the whole jigsaw puzzle of the eventfulness so that taking into account the new reality to start arranging a new society on Earth, then you have actually crossed the cherished border line and by your conscience find yourselves in the fourth dimension.

In this case of great significance is not the mental perception of the reality but your emotional background: the ability to respond to the information that is conveyed in a wise and calm way maintaining harmony in your Soul.


Can I treat somebody else’s opinion on the events in progress on Earth without a touch of any censure even if it is absolutely different from mine?

But there are some details here.

It is extremely important to feel another person’s potential and talking to them being appropriate.

And to do so it is necessary to learn to judge people not only by external signs but also by those that are concealed from stranger’s eyes.

Very often one is afraid of opening one’s Soul to a stranger and hides one’s lack of confidence behind trivial stereotyped statements.

And here you can be facilitated by mindful probing of one’s true views on the current events.

For this you can work out you own strategy with key words that allows you to understand how far your talk on the issue you are interested in can go.

Yet, here what is of importance is your emotional mood and readiness to accept any result of your “probing” too.

If having made sure that one is far from your perception of reality understanding, you respond calmly to it switching over to another issue, then your conscience has already advanced to the level of the fourth dimension.

While if you try to convert one to your religion by force, your vibrations are at the level of the third dimension so far.

And the third question.

Do I do my best to bring Transition closer and increase human collective conscience vibrations?

Here at issue is your individual responsibility and readiness to sacrifice your time and efforts for the prompt advancement of Earth and humanity to the Fifth dimension.

How often do you do practices and meditations on transformation of the third dimension world programmes and negative energies dissolving?

Are they top priority for you or do you live your usual life just occasionally enjoying spiritual knowledge that still remains theory not practice to you?

The main feature of the person who has firmly settled in the fourth dimension is efficient, constructive and systematic work for the good of the whole humanity and the planet in general.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 16, 2022.

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  1. Tara says:

    Where can I find the meditation on transformation of the third dimension world programmes and negative energies dissolving please ? I have seen that some weeks ago, but I don’t remember when and in which message, sorry. Thank you for your work and a huge thanks to Marta. I send you Love and Light

      1. tara says:

        thank you very much Pila


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