LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Changing reality)

life-on-new-earth-changing-realityGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on getting acquainted with the Universe Energy of Plasm and will look into one more field of its application.

Beside healing qualities this energy features the ability of reconstruction of the events that are programmed by the high order creatures.

Since this energy is of very high vibrations, it can be interacted with only by those whose conscience is at the level not lower than that of the Fifth dimension.

A lot of you have already used it unintentionally.

For example, when you imagine life on the new Earth and fill it with vivid “lively” images, it is quite possible that you are assisted by the Universe Energy of Plasm.

But now your task is to learn to use it intentionally this time, which will increase your opportunities manifold and will help realize the things conceived very fast.

What is the principle of work with this energy based on?

First of all, on the vibrational interaction of a person and the Universe Energy of Plasm.

If while “drawing” something in your imagination you invoke the help of this energy, it will literally give “flesh” to your image encouraging it to show at the physical level as quickly as possible.

It can be compared with the situation when you are making a pencil sketch of an imaginary picture, while the Universe Energy of Plasm makes this picture completed with bright and vivid strokes filing it with life.

Yet, for this to happen there are two conditions.

Firstly – the energy resonance between a person and this energy, that is, their vibrations should interact with each other in a harmonious way.

What do I mean by this expression?

Since the vibrations of the Universe Energy of Plasm are incomparably high with those of a person who even finds themselves by their conscience in the Fifth dimension, it is only possible to reach harmony between them if one’s desire completely lacks duality and is aimed at the greater good of All.

Such a “requirement” is determined by the fact that this is an energy of the Universe scale and it is, consequently, unipolar, so it is simply unable to contact a person whose desire features a dual character.

Thus, if you, for example, ask it to help you reach some selfish goals, it will not be able to be attracted to you in terms of vibrations.

But if your desire features the greater good of all humanity, it will immediately respond to your call.

Exceptions to this can be personal requests about healing but here it is also crucial to realize not only the cause of your disease but the aim of your recovery as well, and, by and large, the mission of your life too.

So, if a person of a dual mentality asks about healing to go on with their existence within the third dimension matrix changing nothing in themselves, the Universe Energy of Plasm will not come or help.

While if one has switched over to Service and is doing their best to make Transition of humanity to a new era closer, in case of their illness all the Higher Powers will be there for them, as well as, of course, the Universe Energy of Plasm that will be able to tune onto their vibrations in a harmonious way.

And the second condition of one’s interaction with the Universe Energy of Plasm is one’s vibrational stability.

In other words, one should maintain high vibrations not spontaneously or from time to time – for example, during meditations, but almost all the time.

It is essential for the vibrational “coupling” of the person and the Universe Energy of Plasm to keep working otherwise the results of its work will “stall” at the moments of the person’s vibrations decrease.

Well, for example, the things you can create in a balanced and harmonious state within days in case of your vibrations decrease can get extended for months and this time even this efficient Universe Energy of Plasm cannot help you.

As you see, my dear, everything always hinges on your ability to maintain high vibrations as long as possible and in the ideal – all the time.

And in this the Universe Energy of Plasm can provide you with the support difficult to overestimate.

Invoke it as often as possible so as to remain within its flow all the time.

This way you will be able to tune your vibrations onto it with each single day staying at the highest energy level that this amazing energy features.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 12, 2021.

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  1. Livia says:

    Herzlichen Dank für dieses Wissen, dass die Wahrhaftigkeit sicher zum Erfolg führt.


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