upcoming-disclosureGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today, on the first year of the new year, I would like to make you happy with some good news.

This month will be critical in the confrontation of the Light Forces and Dark at the physical level indeed.

And, first of all, it concerns the information component.

Since during the previous year a huge number of people were exposed to the procedure of the so-called “vaccination” and there have accumulated enough statistics on its fateful influence on human health, these facts will be impossible to conceal.

The governments of many countries of the world will have to abandon their plans on compulsory general vaccination of population.

It will also be facilitated by unceasing protest actions of concerned people all across the globe.

Which you can now witness everywhere.

With every single day an increasing number of people will realize this fraud of population on a truly global scale.

And there will appear more and more doctors, scientists, vaccines developers who have realized the real scope of the tragedy in progress on Earth.

Having overcome their fear of authorities and guilt of the committed, they will start to reveal the truth to people about the actual composition of these experimental preparations and the hazard they are fraught with.

And while some time before these data leaked into the society as tiny “brooks” of the truth, now this process will transform into the information “tsunami” sweeping off all the lie on its way, as well as hypocrisy and cynicism of the ruling top.

The second thing that will introduce apparent changes into your life is deliverance from fears.

People have got tired of being afraid and hiding from the annoying reality, their psyche is about to fail because of endless prohibitions and prolonged tension.

It will be especially obvious in the countries where compulsory lockdown measures have brought no results.

People will start to understand all the artificiality of the restrictions imposed on them and search for logical explanations.

As a result, the things that used to be treated by them as conspiracy fabrications of a group of dissidents will appear before them as undeniable proofs and facts of the world government’s crimes in respect of the planet’s population.

For many it will become the very first step on their way of conscience revival that has already left the narrow boundaries of the third dimension world.

And it will be not point-wise cases this time but an avalanche-like phenomenon that wipes off the way the absurd authorities instructions that deprive people of the freedom to be their own masters.

And the third thing that will speed up the process of deliverance is the struggle of the mindful part of your planet’s population for life and health of your children.

For many people the requirement to vaccinate small children will become the very last thing that will make the cup run over and they will join those who are already actively opposing their governments and their criminal actions.

Therefore, a lot of people will become active and efficient assistants of the Light Forces – their “hands” at the physical level of Earth.

And believe me, my dear, such cooperation will pay off very fast and the situation on Earth will start drastically changing not only in terms of energy now.

All this will allow people to show themselves as creators of their own reality and win their own victory over the Dark Forces both at the subtle and at the physical level.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on January 1, 2022.

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