LIFE ON NEW EARTH (Plasmic ray)

life-on-new-earth-plasmic-rayGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Well, let us go on talking about the Universe Energy of Plasm, and today I will tell you how and when you can use it.

In general, this energy is versatile and has a wide range of action.

Still, so as to learn to use it and, which is more important, to believe in your success, I suggest you should start small in order to see the results of its work.

Start with, for example, removing minor flaws of your skin that every one of you is likely to have.

And since in this case point-wise work is implied, you are to learn to gather this energy into a “bundle” and then direct to a defective spot on the skin.

And this is how it can be done in practice.

Having invoked your Heavenly patrons and reached a meditative state, ask the Universe Energy of Plasm to heal a certain spot of the skin rendering it authentically pure.

The principle of work can be different for each of you.

If you are used to working with hands, you can point your palms to this spot at the distance comfortable to you or even put them on there.

And then the Universe Energy of Plasm having run through your hands will become some kind of their continuation and only when it reaches the spot at issue it will focus on it as a thinnest energy ray.

While the one who has no skills in working with energies can simply visualize the Universe Energy of Plasm imagining it coming in respond to your calling and going exactly to the place you send it by your thoughts.

You feel it scanning the deficient spot of the skin indicated by you and then getting down to work.

You will feel by all means some sort of movement at that place as if someone is performing an energy mini-operation there.

The Universe Energy of Plasm, unlike other Divine energies, almost immediately starts working on the etheric body of a person skipping the other subtle bodies.

This is the reason why you perceive it as a denser, almost physical substance.

You can have a wide range of sensations: warmth, cold, pricking, pulsing, vibrating…

Yet, it is essential for you not to get involved into the process yourselves – not “help” this energy or urge it in thoughts, just remaining an energy channel and at the same time an onlooker.

This way you will not introduce your own vibrations into the process that can be a degree lower than the vibrations of the Universe Energy of Plasm.

The intention you made at the very beginning when you invoked this energy for your healing séance will be enough.

So, not getting involved into the process as a human being, you will let this amazing intelligent energy to work on your body in a thoughtful manner carefully distributing energy and meting it all over the skin’s surface, which will help it cure sick cells bringing them to a balance with healthy ones and making this spot of the skin smooth.

It will be great if during the séance you will be working through the psychosomatic reason of the disease setting yourself a new affirmation.

As far as the skin is concerned, it is a protective layer of man and any skin diseases, as a rule, are connected with fear, danger, feeling of being vulnerable.

Therefore, new affirmations for healing can be the following statements:

“I AM ALWAYS under the protection of the Creator and the Higher Powers of the Universe.

I am getting rid of all kinds of fear forever.

I am an all-mighty, free and happy creature who has a wonderful future ahead of me on the new Earth of the Fifth dimension”.

This way, my dear, you will obtain an ideal combination: mental and energy correction of your state thereby encouraging the process of healing.

I made an example of work with the skin for you but I am sure each of you will feel yourself what with you had better start your “acquaintance” with the Universe Energy of Plasm.

Take your time while doing this, mindfully and carefully monitoring your sensations and response to the energy new to you so as to understand how consonant is the way you can coexist with it at the present stage of your spiritual development.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 11, 2021.

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