TRANSITION TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION (Divine fire of Twin flames)

transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-divine-fire-of-twin-flamesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to dwell on one more peculiarity of Twin flames’ energy interaction.

And we will speak about their ability to influence each other at the physical level or, more precisely, the way their energy influence on one another is expressed in the outer world.

So now, we will discuss all the three variants of their existence that were mentioned in my previous messages.

In the first case when they simultaneously got embodied, for example, on Earth, met and switched over to Service, they are always in single energy space.

Thanks to this their common energy concentration is as high as to cure their diseases.

How and why does this happen?

Before all, it is because of reunion of the feminine and masculine in their ideal combination being Divine itself and, consequently, the energy generated by them reaches a very high level.

To tell the truth, it happens after the Twin fames have met at the physical level and have undergone the period of accommodation and adjustment that is quite painful for both of them, that is have reached the happy medium – balanced and harmonious energy interaction.

When they are in such state all the negative energies arriving from outside are quickly dissolved in their common high vibration field.

Moreover, they can incorporate a great number of people into their energy space and influence them in a most auspicious way.

The reason why they are called “flames” is that their reunion at all the levels of existence “fan” real Divine fire that can “ignite” other people’s souls filling them with Love and Light.

The same happens, to a less degree though, in two other cases when the Twin flames are in different dimensions – being embodied or disembodied.

In this case in order to obtain the maximum concentration level of their common energy at least one of them should keep the other half in its conscience and, consequently, in its energy space.

As a rule, the one in the higher worlds does this.

Yet, it sometimes happens that the half of the Soul that descended to lower worlds intuitively feels somewhere in other dimensions there is its real half it failed to meet on Earth, and in its thoughts it asks it for help or shares its joys and sorrows.

Therefore, it also intentionally allows it into its field, this way increasing vibrations manifold due to energy junction with the other half of its Soul.

Yet, is occurs quite rarely, and only with very ancient souls who understand how complicated the structure of their world is, as well as that of the Universe, with those who feel at the subtle level there are their higher aspects of the Soul, with their other half being among them, that secures them from the worlds of high vibrations.

In such cases there can take place miraculous healings or support in dire straits can arrive since it is the other half of the Soul that is most interested in happiness, well-being and spiritual progress of its Twin flame.

Therefore, my dear ones, ALWAYS invoke your native half of the Soul for help – its female or male side.

And it is not at all necessary to know where it is now. It is enough you address it MINDFULLY.

It always hears you since you are ONE and INDIVISIBLE WHOLE with it.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 29, 2019.

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