transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-curiosity-of-soulGreetings, my dear beloved children!

For my yesterday’s message to be continued today we will speak about the other variant of Twin flames’ energy interaction.

So now, let us consider the case when one half, for example, the female one, is embodied on Earth, while the other, the male one, is in the disembodied state in the subtle world, for instance, in the sixth dimension.

As a rule, such variant is typical of Souls that have already reached a very high level of spiritual development – close to those called “enlightened Souls”.

And it is certainly very dangerous for a Soul like this to fall down into low vibrations.

But first, let us find out why this Soul makes a risky decision such as to part with its half.

You may be surprised but very often it happens because of curiosity or, to be exact, desire to learn and gain the experience of living in the worlds of low dimensions it has never had before.

Quite often such Soul unaware of the third dimension world reality is unable to evaluate the extent of danger and responsibility it assumes.

Yet, it understands it should not descend to this unknown world “together”.

Then this Soul arrives to a comprise: one its half descends to the third dimension world, while the other one stays there to watch it from above – to guide its life and if necessary to secure it.

Well, how does their energy interaction occur?

It is largely the same as in the case with the Twin flames embodied in the worlds of different dimensions.

Yet, in the case under study one half of the Soul constantly maintains and supervises the energy exchange with its other half finding itself on Earth.

And this is how it happens in practice.

As soon as it sees that its female half on Earth has got too involved into the third dimension world games and its vibrations start decreasing drastically, it takes any measures to rescue it from the spiritual collapse.

It invokes all the Higher Powers of the Universe, its Kin, its Star family for support, as well as Safeguard Angel of its careless half to create the circumstances that would help it return to the straight and narrow and to fulfill the mission it has descended for to this exciting and fascinating third dimension world that is so dangerous at that.

But before all, it does its best to help its half out of the low vibration “abyss” itself.

For this purpose it directs energy streams of high vibrations that dissolve low vibration energy blocks in the subtle bodies of the woman its other half is embodied in.

By doing this the male half rescues not only the female one but also itself or, to be exact, their common Soul trying to make their vibration gap if not bridged, which is unachievable in this case, then at least minimized as much as possible.

It should be noted that for the disembodied half this is rather a painful process because decreasing its vibrations to the utmost it has to plunge into the low vibrations so untypical of it.

Yet, this is its well-considered decision and, fortunately, due to other space-time continuum of the sixth dimension the earthly life of its half passes in a blink of the eyes for the Twin flame.

I understand that so far it is difficult for you to realize this, my dear.

But as soon as you find yourself in the Fifth dimension space, everything will become for you as clear and understandable as, for example, your present relations with close people.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 28, 2019.

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