Ascension in Action (Pituitary gland)

ascension-in-action-pituitary-glandGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I’d like to tell you about the role played by the pituitary gland in the lives of the people.

Perhaps, it is the most important of all sensory organs, because it absorbs within itself the qualities of the sixth and seventh chakras, and not only absorbs but strengthens it greatly.

Your “third eye,” crown chakra and pituitary gland form some Divine triangle, which in the case of the activation of all three components becomes the most powerful stimulator of the spiritual growth of man.

Why pituitary gland is not included in the chakra system?

Because it stays in a lethargic state in the great majority of the people and it could awaken only in those people, whose sixth and seventh chakras are completely open and has become their everyday “working instrument.”

And then the pituitary gland, which serves as an intermediary between the man and the Higher Powers of the Universe, would start its activity.

You may say that the higher vibrations of the sixth and seventh chakras serve as a “fuel” without which “the launching” of the pituitary gland is impossible.

The energies of these two chakras flow into pituitary gland as into reservoir and blend there, transforming into completely new type of energy, which allows a man to reach up to the level of the Higher Powers of the Universe.

A powerful energy splash occurs then, which serves as a sign for the Higher Powers that one more person appeared on Earth, with whom they could establish a contact and be heard.

However, such a contact may not happen immediately or may not happen at all. It depends upon many factors, but in any case a person with “reanimated” pituitary gland would never be able to live as he had lived before.

His consciousness, world view, way of life, surroundings and needs will be radically changed.

It would be a Divine man, descended into the three dimensional world, which he can see through and which he would definitely try to change – everyone according to ones possibility.

Someone would enter a full Service, giving all his time and energy for enlightenment of the people, receiving information from the Higher Powers, but someone else would simply carry Light and Love for the people, showing with his own example that in any circumstances, even the most difficult, it’s possible to live following only the Laws of the Universe, and not habitual stereotypes of thinking and behavior, which force people into the dead end.

But I want you to know, dear ones, that it is impossible to activate pituitary gland artificially.

The best thing you can do is living peacefully in accordance with the Laws of the Universe, controlling your thoughts and emotions, banishing stereotypes of duality and habitual cliches of behavior.

And then it would happen by itself, naturally and without notice, exactly at the moment when it would be as necessary as air for you.

And suddenly you would feel as a Heavenly dweller, whom you have been some time before…

And I bless you for that!

Your Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken with you

Channelled by Marta on March 14, 2018

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