News from the Galactic Federation of Light (June 2, 2018)

news-from-the-galactic-federation-of-light-june-2-2018Greetings, my dear earthlings!

Today I am instructed to give you a message from the GFL.

A very crucial moment of your Shift is approaching, when not only your life but the lives of many people around you will depend upon each person, who realize what’s happening on your planet.

What’s happening in Hawaii now is just a first wave of the destructive natural cataclysms.

Soon, massive awakening of the volcanoes will start all over Earth. It is difficult for the planet to suppress in its bowels these burning currents of lava, trying to burst outside; which accumulated there for millions of years.

And now I’ll explain you why it is happening.

Your planet like a human being has a chakra system.

Both the nucleus and the bowels of Earth correspond to the first chakra of the human beings.

It is here where negative energies, that she collected on physical plane,
are accumulated.

Similar to the way that the lowest negative energies of the people “break” into various diseases of their bodies, the accumulated negativity of the earth, that has been created by the people, “break” outside in the form of volcanic explosions, breaks in the earth crust and in the other anomalies.

It has been ripening for a long time, but now it has reached its high point, because the subtle bodies of the Earth have reached the new level, moving in the space of 5D, and now Earth needs to raise its physical body to the same level.

Of course, this process is extremely complex and multi leveled, and I have described it very generally, because my goal now is to warn you that the great changes in your life are coming.

Unfortunately, only a small part of the earth population knows and understands
that these changes do not lead your planet towards a destruction, but on the contrary towards flourishing and to the new level of being; that’s why the GFL have decided to address the most prepared part of humanity with the following request.

Try to share this knowledge with the greatest number of people in order to minimize the attitudes of panic among the population, which could cause irreparable harm to the process of the Shift, lowering the energy component and increasing the number of victims.

The upper ruling classes of your planet are well informed about everything that’s awaiting Earth, but the rulers of all the countries still keep silent about it, therefore the initiative must come from you, dear Lightworkers.

Try to find very simple and accessible words for the people, who are very far from the subject of Ascension, to explain them that everything is happening for their good; that it’s time to think that it’s happening because of the insane activities of the people.

You need to help them realize that Earth is not taking revenge against them, but liberating herself from negativity accumulated on the planet by the activities of the people: both energetically, by radiating emotions of the lowest vibrations, and physically, by violating the bowels of the Earth – its body – polluting its “circulatory system” – its rivers, lakes, seas and oceans with their industrial waste.

And then you can gradually move from the subject of the nature protection, which is understandable and accessible to all the people, to the subject of the Earth Shift into the new dimension.

Now you have a lot of information about the Shift in the Internet. Search for those sites and articles, where it is said about the Shift with the simplest language, where they demonstrate a scientific confirmation of what’s happening; because it’s difficult for the people with material type of mind to believe in the discussion unsupported by the facts about such an unusual subject.

And soon it will be more and more of such confirmations, which would make your educational work a great deal easier.

As you can see, we have fulfilled our promise and our ships appear in your skies more and more often, and there are increasingly more witnesses of that.

People start to become more accustomed to our presence, and your task is to convince them that we are your friends, ready to come for help at any moment.

Ashtar Sheran, who loves you, have spoken with you on behalf of the Galactic Federation of Light

Channelled by Marta on June 2, 2018

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  1. Patrick says:

    Why every time we speak of galactic federation or the “light” or angels we never mention African Trinities or we never get the so called alien sighting in Africa, are we not your friends?


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