memory-of-warGreetings, my dear earthlings!

My today’s message will be dedicated to what you call the Victory Day.

For the majority of you this day symbolizes the victory over enemy you paid so dearly.

And now I will tell you what is going on at the subtle level of Earth.

For more than seventy years after the war over Europe there has appeared a separate powerful egregor that can symbolically be called “Memory of war”.

And each country supplies with energy a part of it – its own mini-egregor that with the course of time undergoes substantial energy changes.

And there are a lot of reasons for that.

Meantime those who witnessed the war are passing away the war memory is gradually becoming obliterated and history facts are perverted to please political likings and meet whims of ever changing countries’ heads all over the world.

It results in these war egregors comprising vibration frequencies various enough to subdivide in their turn into still smaller egregors containing energies of one kind.

Unfortunately, most of them are of a negative type.

What energies are they?

Before all, it is the energy of suffering that is constantly supplied by numerous war films maintaining the heat of pain and suffering due to the audience’s empathy energy.

Secondly, they are energies of aggression, anger and inability to change anything.

Thirdly, they are the winners’ pride energy because of their victory and humiliation energy of those who lost.

They are also combined with feeling guilty by the descendants of those responsible for initiating the bloodbath in Europe, the one that made them feel ashamed and led to nothing but pain from close people’s deaths.

Here you can add tragic destinies of the victims of contraception camps and their memorial days.

All this is a heavy energy burden over Europe preventing people from forgetting the horror of the war.

And it is on the Victory Day that these energies are substantially replenished within the war egregor.

Believe me, my dear ones, these traditions artificially imposed on you – parades, memorial days, projection of war films and documentaries – are nothing else but intentional pumping of low vibration frequency energies out of humans and it is made by those who these energies are the main source of nourishment for.

Almost all the people died in the second world war were born long ago in other physical bodies both on Earth and on other planets of the Galaxy.

Their souls are learning quite different lessons now keeping on developing spiritually.

So, everything experienced by them during the second world war was a precious contribution to their soul’s treasury of a 3D world life – a grievous tragic experience they were in great need of then, though.

Try, my dear ones, to consider all the things from the point of view of those who have already got rid of mental duality and are able to see everything in a different light.

All you can do on the days like this is to send all your Love and Gratitude to the souls died in the war. And they will feel your Love by all means no matter where they are now.

Loving you Ashtar Sheran spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on May 9, 2019

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