neutralizing-of-victory-days-celebrations-effectsGreetings, my dear earthlings!

Today I would like to tell you what is going on in the near-earth space and explain to you the reasons for my yesterday’s message on the Victory Day’s celebrations.

The Higher Powers of the Universe and the Galaxy Light Federation are making unprecedented attempts to purify your planet from low vibration frequency energy so that it can rise to a new energy level.

For this purpose there have been employed thousands of extraterrestrial spaceships specially equipped with facilities that can transform dark heavy energies generated by people, in large cities in particular, into light ones.

With the help of these technologies we manage to dissipate – rarify – these dense energies preventing them from accumulating in the corresponding egregors.

It is on the days when in many European countries they remember the victims of the war and hold parades that there take place the most powerful blowouts of low vibration frequency energies generated by millions of people.

These energies as heavy clouds float above large cities and we have to make every effort not to let them merge with their “native” egregors of aggression, fear, suffering, guilt…

So, my yesterday’s message to you resulted from the desire to unite our efforts in order to save your planet: not to load it with heavy energies but “lessen the weight” with high frequency rarified energies of Love and Gratitude as much as possible.

I don’t create illusions and understand that few can get me right – only those whose conscience has already broken free from the limits of duality and those who have managed to overcome centuries-old well-established patterns of attitude to the dead in general and to those killed in the most merciless way in particular.

The eradication of knowledge about reincarnation from almost all religions of the world has done its work: the dead are mourned and grieved over for many years, which does a lot of harm both to the living and to those passed away causing the latter suffer as well from being unable to change anything or soothe their relatives on Earth and tell them what happens in truth after they left the physical plane of the planet.

It is DEATH that reptiloids turned into the main tool of their energy “harvest” and they continue developing time-tested means of pumping out pain and suffering energy they are in need of.

It has become most apparent nowadays when Earth itself is throwing off the old clothes of obsolete energies that will not be able to exist in a new world of the Fifth dimension.

We are sorry to see that even those of you whose Souls have chosen the Ascension can’t ultimately give up their habits or go off the beaten track and unintentionally support the evil on Earth.

So, now I am addressing those of you who understand and accept with all your heart the things that I told you about yesterday and I ask you to have a meditation aimed at neutralizing the Victory Day’s celebrations’ effects.

By this you will help us – your heavenly assistants – to make Love and Gratitude energies earth-anchored, for they are the only ones capable of dissolving all the energy distortions and skews created by millions of people unaware of the real meaning of the things going on.

For this purpose you should call on Father-Absolute and Mother of the World, all your Galaxy brothers and sisters, all the Ascended Masters, Angels and Archangels to fill you up with the energy of Unconditional Love and then all together we will dissolve the negative energies accumulated on Earth as a result of the Victory Day’s celebrations.

Believe me, my dear ones, this cooperation can work wonders and help your beautiful planet to move on freely and easily to a new energy space of the Fifth dimension.

Truly loving you Ashtar Sheran spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on May 10, 2019

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  1. when we reduce our fear&fear-based emotions&INCREASE OUR FAITH IN OURSEVES&DIVINITY,then we will automatically FILL UP with LOVE.TY.LOVE&BLESSINGS


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