who-is-whoGreetings, our dear earthlings!

I have not come to you for a long time since at the subtle level there occurred events crucial for Earth and now I will tell you about main of them.

The first one and most significant for you is total and final victory of the Forces of Light both at the subtle and at the physical level of Earth.

Though it still seems to you that Dark controls your planet, it is actually not true.

Those who used to rule the destinies of the world have already acknowledged their defeat, and the things taking place now can be identified as just “moving under inertia” in the direction chosen by them.

Just like a car cannot be stopped immediately after braking, the flywheel of humanity enslavement started up by them cannot stop moving all at once either.

During coming days, weeks and months you will watch the “rats deserting a sinking ship” and the way they will try to radically change their beliefs adapting to a new reality.

And it is becoming the case everywhere.

Yet, they will not manage to hide since new vibrations of Earth like a projector highlight every person and no appropriate or nice words will be able to conceal their true substance.

This is how the subtle level of Earth will start merging with its physical one.

The things that usually occur to one in disembodied condition after physical death when one cannot “play one’s part” and appears as one is will now happen to one when still embodied – in one’s physical body.

This is what the Higher Powers meant when saying that what is done by night will soon appear by day.

You will begin to see Souls of humans and INhumans sometimes being terrified by those who used to control your planet.

But it is an inseparable part of Transition when people should become fully aware of who is who and accept the horrible truth that has been concealed for many centuries by these “masters” of the world and your destinies.

You should not get scared of it since the worst is over for you despite the death agony of the Dragon reptiles.

The curtains are falling for them, and another “performance” act is beginning, the one with a happy end now.

It marks a bright epoch in your planet’s life that is moving to a new level of her existence.

And a great contribution to this was made by the Galaxy Light Federation.

It has carried out a great amount of work both at the subtle level of Earth providing her with a “quarantine” – protection from human-alien extraterrestrial civilizations and at the physical level closely cooperating with their representatives embodied on Earth now and, consequently, able to positively influence the developments at this moment supreme for you.

Why have all the Forces of Light made a stand for earthlings?

Why do we call your planet “the pearl of the Universe”?

Before all, because the inhabitants of Earth are some kind of gene symbiosis of many highly developed civilizations that embodied on your planet many times and contributed their share to the human DNA.

It was by far the greatest Universe experiment aimed at creating of an ideal Divine being who personifies all the very best developed on other planets and in other civilizations.

But as you already know, the interference of the Orions and the Dragon reptiles into this big plan, those who seized power not only of your planet but of your bodies as well by introducing their nondivine component into them, has resulted in pain and sorrow for humanity.

So, all together we had to correct this mistake – to rescue Earth and pure human souls from unavoidable death.

We are happy we have succeeded in this, so now all of us have to make the last step for the final victory – Transition of Earth and her best representatives into a new high vibration space thereby fulfilling the Divine plan of the Creator and uniting all representatives of highly developed civilizations into One Galaxy family.

We believe in you, our dear earthlings, and we are always there for you!

Sincerely loving you,

Ashtar Sheran spoke to you on behalf of the Galaxy Light Federation

Channeled by Marta on November 12, 2020.

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  1. Thank you, my brother Galactic Light Federation, I am sincerely grateful,

    With great love,
    Maria E Cannon


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