radiation-and-harmful-electromagnetic-irradiation-neutralizationGreetings, our dear earthlings!

The Council of Elders is speaking to you.

Following our galaxy brothers we will tell you about our mission on Earth that has already reached its final stage.

You can often see our spaceships in the sky and not only at night but during the day, too.

As a rule, we mask as dense oval flattened clouds of a too ideal form so as to look natural.

So, what is the purpose of our presence on Earth?

First of all, it is control of radiation and electromagnetic irradiation.

Having specific technologies enabling to neutralize their excessive index dangerous for human health, we are widely applying these technologies all over your planet.

The closest attention is paid by us to nuclear power stations, cellular communications towers and the android collider so that it does not get out of its creators’ control.

This is exactly the reason why our spaceships are located as close to Earth as possible.

Our apparatuses scan the energy space of your planet so as to identify the most dangerous anomalies for you and to neutralize their effect in time.

Sometimes we have to let harmful electromagnetic irradiation “leak” so that people could see with their own eyes the imminent danger and find its source.

This is the reason for mass mortality of birds, fish, and other sea animals in some places of the globe.

They have to sacrifice their lives for the sake of people, and they agree to this quite mindfully.

The thing is that we have the right to interfere into your life up to a certain limit – so as not to let humanity perish, yet, at the same time give you opportunity to solve your urgent problems yourselves and find the source of evil on your planet.

Which is just the case on your planet now.

The information on the hidden government actions has eventually been disclosed, and everybody who can understand and accept it has opportunity to learn numerous facts and documents proving their inhumane plans.

While we just help light and pure souls to keep afloat and perform Transition safe and sound.

It can be said that we maintain a clear energy corridor for you that connects the third and the Fifth dimensions.

And the corridor itself is the fourth dimension within which your conscience gets completely free from the patterns and stereotypes of the third dimension world.

We are happy to see that our efforts were not in vain, and that more and more pure souls get revived and leave the third dimension matrix they used to be in like in prison for many thousands years.

So now, at the final stage of Transition our work becomes still more important since the Dark Forces on the planet feeling their inevitable collapse are trying to speed up the implementation of the programme on Earth’s inhabitants’ robotization acting regardless of everything this time.

We believe that our regular and systematic work will be a success, and soon we will be able to give a hug to our dear earth brothers and sisters setting foot on a new and revived Earth of the Fifth dimension.

Sincere love and respect,

The Council of Elders of Sirius spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 29, 2021.

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