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Greetings, our dear earthlings! The Council of Elders is speaking to you. Following our galaxy brothers we will tell you about our mission on Earth that has already reached its final stage. You can often see our spaceships in the sky and not only at night but during the day, too. As a rule, we mask as dense oval flattened clouds of a too ideal form so as to look natural. So, what is the purpose of our presence on Earth? First of all, it is control of radiation and electromagnetic...


Unification of energies

Greetings, our dear earthlings! We have come here today to tell you about our role in assisting the Shift of the Earth into the fifth dimensional space. Because the energies coming to Earth have assumed different  qualities and vibrations, starting from the New Year and especially from mid January, we use all our forces to help people adapt to them, without harm to their health, physical and emotional. And that’s what we do for that. We have developed a certain plan of actions, which...

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