Unification of energies

unification-of-energiesGreetings, our dear earthlings!

We have come here today to tell you about our role in assisting the Shift of the Earth into the fifth dimensional space.

Because the energies coming to Earth have assumed different  qualities and vibrations, starting from the New Year and especially from mid January, we use all our forces to help people adapt to them, without harm to their health, physical and emotional.

And that’s what we do for that.

We have developed a certain plan of actions, which consists of controlling the energies coming to Earth and, in case of the “overdose” of the vibrations, minimizing them by diluting its concentration.

It is similar to your actions when you are dissolving with water very concentrated liquids, which are impossible to drink otherwise.

Of course, you would question us, why do we do that, how do we control the Higher vibrational energies and is not it an interference in the process of Ascension and of the energy space of every human being?

In order to answer that, it is necessary to explain the principles of our work.

According to plans developed by the Galactic Federation, each representative of the Federation must contribute to our efforts of helping the Shift of the planet Earth into the Fifth dimension.

And according to specialization of each civilization as members of the Galactic Federation, each of them contributes utilizing their experiences and their technologies.

We possess a unique technology for stabilization of the energy currents, which helps to maintain them at one level.

It allows to avoid a lot of fluctuation in vibrations, which could adversely affect the people, whose vibrations are too low, and such people happened to be a majority on Earth.

In such a way, we help to keep the lives of millions of people, giving them more time; so they could realize the changes that are happening on the planet and join the process of Ascension.

We received a permission for that from the collective consciousness of the people – from their Unified Higher Self, and because of that the Law of Free Will is not trespassed.

But for those of you, who are already in a state of the higher vibrations, our interference would be harmful, because the whole team of the Forces of Light is working with each such person, Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters; who provide them with their own corridor for passing the Higher vibrational energies, and observe how the consciousness and bodies of the people react to these energies.

And the Forces of Light themselves regulate the currents of energies, depending on a state of such a person, sometimes turning off the Divine “faucet” and sometimes opening it for the full power.

Believe us, dear ones, our work with you is done very carefully, considering all the factors and all the qualities of your organism and your psyche.

And on our part, we are responsible for the unification of energies, coming to Earth, in order to keep the balance between such vibrationally different groups of people and to avoid chaos on Earth.

We love you very much and would do everything we can to ensure that your Shift into the new dimension would proceed in a way that is smooth and comfortable for you.

The Council of the Elders of Sirius spoke with you today

Channeled by Marta on January 25, 2018

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