The Connecting Link

the-connecting-linkGreetings, our dear earthlings!

Today we decided to tell you about our work, so you may have a complete picture of what kind of help is given to you by the friendly alien civilizations.

Perhaps, our work is more modest in scope than the work of the Arcturias, Andromedians, and Sirians, but we think it is not less important.

Our work consists of us being a connecting link between the alien civilizations and civilizations, inhabiting your planet in the parallel worlds and dimensions, and we coordinate their work.

We are talking about such civilizations as Akvator, Seven Planets, civilization of the dolphins and whales, and the subterranean country of Agartha.

As you know, our main goal is to ensure that an Ascension of the planet proceeds as smoothly as possible, because these civilizations are in a close proximity to you, and all the disharmonious processes on earth reflect on them one way or another.

It is especially relevant for the dolphins and whales, who are greatly respected in the Galactic Federation for their courageous and selfless service to people, although the people do not respond reciprocally.

So what is the essence of our work in reality?

First of all, we inform the “Earth civilizations,” as we call them, about the latest news of the process of Ascension, which we have.

And they, in their turn, share with us an information, which they possess.

Then we carefully sum up and process an information that we received and submit the results of our work to the next meeting of the Galactic Federation.

And after we find the weak point or unresolved problems, we make a decision how to proceed further.

Let’s give you an example of the last data, which have been included in the report of the Galactic Federation.

After conducting a careful research of the earth crust, we found the following.

The bowels of the earth started to move, and what’s going on with your planet can be compared to delirium, which often accompanies illness in its critical stage.

And that is happening with the earth as the result of the changes of the axis, which leads to the movement of the earth layers around the perimeter of the entire planet.

It was unavoidable, and what is left for us to do is to monitor carefully all the processes happening inside the Earth and on the surface, to take timely measures for saving people, who happen to be in the areas of the cataclysms.

And natural disasters unfortunately would happen more often, because no one is able to stop the processes that have already started.

And we try to identify the most dangerous areas, in order to initiate a timely assistance from the alien civilizations, which are part of the team of the rescuers, created by Ashtar Sheran.

We hope that you will be informed about our existence, and representatives of the humankind could actively join our common work, which would be a remarkable event in the history of our Galaxy and Universe as a whole.

Representatives of the constellation of the Pleiades who love you sincerely spoke with you

Channeled by Marta on January 25, 2018

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