Greetings, our dear earthlings!

We decided to speak with you today, because many souls from our planet have now descended to Earth to take part in the extraordinary spiritual experience – the shift into a higher dimension in their physical bodies.

The Earth has always attracted the attention of great souls, not only from the planet Heteroskafos, but from many other civilizations.

Your planet is very unique, and that explains such an interest. It can be called the pearl of the Universe, because it contains such a great variety of plant and animal species, that does not exist anywhere else.

Its nature is mesmerizing. It’s Divine beauty permeates every cell of the living being, filling them with bliss.

Its water, air, earth and skies are entrancing. And this alive and constantly moving Kingdom of Nature is directly connected with you  – its inhabitants.

You are one with nature.

But, unfortunately, dear ones, you grew so accustomed to the beauty of Earth that you stopped appreciating it.

You began to treat your Mother Earth as barbarians. You are destroying it, killing its body and soul.

The entire host of great souls from different Galaxies has descended to Earth specifically to save this Treasure of the Universe.

Almost all of them have already incarnated on Earth before, and that is why this planet is so dear to them and they want to save it so much.

And when the Creator allowed it to shift into the Fifth Dimension, these souls decided to make the last journey to Earth and move together with the planet into the new world.

You already know, dear ones, that such an experiment is being conducted for the first time, and we very much hope that it will be successful.

We also take part in it, because the sons and daughters of our planet are now on Earth, and their destinies are important to us.

The pride of the planet Heteroskafos is on Earth now – the One Soul, whose both parts incarnated  on Earth before and were then called Yeshua and Mary Magdalene.

But this time this One Maternal Soul is divided into thousands of parts in order to be able to complete the task of awakening humanity, that was started a long time ago.

These parts of One Soul are scattered all over your planet: in different countries and continents, and in different social circles.

It was done to make their work easier, and to allow them to speak different languages with very different people.

We knew that not all of them could enter the Service  for there are too many earthy factors influencing them.

Unfortunately, the world has not changed much, and every manifestation of spirituality finds the same brutal resistance from the reptiloids, who finally managed to completely occupy all the positions of power on your planet.

They enslaved the souls of people with their false life values, that cultivate the spirit of money-accumulation, making them slaves to material things and pleasures.

Now their arsenal of weapons has become significantly greater. In order to exercise control over people, the reptiloids use the technologies of hostile civilizations, with the help of which they alter the consciousness of people,  which leads to irreversible processes.

That is why, for the salvation of you and your planet, we carried out this Divine “sowing” of the greatest souls of the Universe, and we are sure that this time they will complete what they started a long time ago.

We do everything we can to help our children remember, whilst in their physical incarnations, who they are, where they come from, and what their mission on Earth is.

We try to guide and support them in difficult times.

I want you to know that many of you, who are reading this message now, are, in fact, our beloved children.

And you would surely feel our kindred vibrations…

The Priests from the planet Heteroskafos, who love you sincerely, spoke with you.

Channeled by Marta on October 31, 2017

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