The Second Coming of Christ (The new horizons)


Greetings, my dear beloved children!

Last time we spoke to you, we were telling you that Yeshua met his true love, a woman who would be his life companion and loyal wife for the rest of his earthly path.

He introduced Mary to his parents and to his dear teachers, the Essenes.

Both the parents and the Essenes liked her. They felt the purity of her soul and her honesty despite the fact that Mary Magdalene did not exactly fit into the image of “decency” established in society by the Reptiloids at that time.

Even such a sacred concept as family, was transformed into an object of “buying and selling.’ Such customs created so much grief and misery, separating those who loved each other and often uniting those who hated each other.

Horrible lawlessness was taking place in the name of law and religion, condemning thousands of people to sad and miserable lives with spouses they did not love.

That is why Yeshua’s parents and wise Essenes were very happy that Yeshua found his true love. They could not stop looking at the beautiful couple, where one complemented another.

Strong and masculine Yeshua seemed like a great support for a petite and delicate Mary Magdalene, who was the embodiment of femininity and love.

It was a great symbol of unity of the male and female principles, such a rare, exceptional case, when the two twin flames met each other on Earth. When the two Divine halves, two kindred souls, united into one  in their physical incarnation.

Such happiness was not given to them by chance. It would have been very difficult for Yeshua to fulfill his mission by himself if he did not have this wonderful woman by his side; this Angel, who became his main protection on Earth. For a deep and sincere Love of a Woman is capable of creating wonders and inspires a man to great deeds and heroic acts.

They spent several months with the Essenes, who made an exception for their favorite student and provided a separate cell for him and his wife.

Yeshua really wanted for Mary to submerge into the atmosphere of Love and Goodness and to take part in the meditations of the Essenes. He wanted her to feel a part of the Universe, to absorb the energy of Light with which this wonderful place was filled. This place had dry and poor soil, but was filled with the energies of the Creator.

Mary gained a lot during these several months of her stay. She immediately loved the kindred  atmosphere of this place, accepted all their teachings with all her heart and inhaled the spiritual knowledge with hunger.

Then, on the advice of the Essenes elders, they decided to undertake a trip to India where they could complete their spiritual training, taking in the ancient knowledge of the East and mastering the secrets of meditation of famous yogis.

It was decided that they would have to join one of the caravans carrying goods to India.

Such a chance soon came and they embarked on a long journey, which took several months.

On the way, Yeshua helped the merchants with their camels, and Mary cooked food for them. By doing that, they were able to save quite a bit of money, which they needed because they did not know what was awaiting them or how long their journey might take.

They were used to trusting the Creator and the higher powers who led them in life and always guided to the right path.

They were young and happy. And they had a new remarkable life ahead of them.

They were both curious and joyfully accepted everything they came across on their way. That is why the journey was not exhausting for them, despite all the difficulties.

We will stop here today.

Your Father – Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke with you

Channeled by Marta on October 4, 2017

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