The Second Coming of Christ (Acquaintance with India)


Greetings, my dear beloved children!

At last their long journey came to an end – Yeshua and Mary Magdalene arrived to India.

They spend several unforgettable days on the shores of the ocean, enjoying the beauty and peace after the difficult journey.

And then they headed to a special place, where according to the Essenes, the Great Initiates lived – the foot of mount Kailash in Tibet.

A long way across the whole of India was ahead of them; and they decided to do it on foot. They wanted to learn about the ancient Indian culture; to see with their own eyes the great miracles performed by the yogis; to feel the atmosphere of this great country and its special energy.

They only knew what a general goal of their journey was. Regarding everything else they trusted the Creator.

Yeshua and Mary went slowly, stopping at the places they liked, learning the language; because they realized that without the language they wouldn’t be able to learn all the Knowledge they needed.

They became filled with the spirit of this colourful and diverse country, which reminded them of a quilt. There was such a mixture of so many cultures, traditions and religions…

But its greatest pride was undoubtedly in the culture of yoga, this ancient teaching, which helped people open their inner capabilities and feel themselves as superhuman, Divine beings.

But the more Yeshua and Mary Magdalene became familiar with this culture, the more they understood what a great abyss there was between the yogis who performed miracles on the streets to entertain the public, and the Great Initiates, for whom Yoga was the key for a deep and multifaceted knowledge about themselves and the world.

They had already met such people. And they never showed off their knowledge or demonstrated their paranormal abilities, which they undoubtedly possessed.

It seemed that they lived in another dimension, in some parallel world with a different time framework and different physical laws.

It appeared that these people could change space around them, widening their energy fields to enormous sizes.

Yeshua recognized the energy of these fields as it was the same energy fields that filled the space in the Essenes community.

Both groups generated the energy of Love. The Essenes created it by meditations, calling their energy from space; and the yogis generated it by their subtle bodies – that’s how concentrated with energy they (the subtle bodies) were.

Yeshua and Mary realized that the yogi superpowers are nothing less than them moving to another dimension; the dimension with higher vibrations, where all their bodies, including the physical ones, assumed completely different parameters, where pain and discomfort don’t exist, because the physical body seemingly dissolves and merges into the subtle bodies.

And if the yogis – performers, after a long training, could enter such state for only moments, the yogis – Initiates could stay in it for years…

In those times, the school of yogis already existed, and Mary and Yeshua visited several classes in such schools to learn the basics of yoga and feel its energy.

It was a very interesting and exciting experience. But they understood clearly that they went through such an arduous journey not exactly for that; the goal of their journey was different.

They had to reach the Great Initiates and acquire a profound true knowledge from them, which had been accumulated through the centuries and stayed hidden in this mysterious place in the mountains of Tibet.

They knew that their mission was to bring this knowledge to people; that only they could change people’s consciousness and return them their Divine sparks; the sparks that were lost when they became submerged into the three-dimensional world.

Father – Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke with you

Channeled by Marta on October 5, 2017

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