The Second Coming of Christ (The Bible)

the-second-coming-of-christ-the-bibleGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Let’s continue our story about the Teaching of Christ and how it has been affected by changes over the course of time.

Since your knowledge of it comes mainly from the Bible, we will discuss the holy book today.

The Bible is composed of the Old and the New Testaments.

While the Old Testament was entirely created by the Dark forces, the New Testament has in it seeds of truth and glimpses of the Divine energy that Yeshua tried to share with us.

How is it possible that the Dark forces invaded the holy of holies – the Bible, which was supposed to show Light and Love to people, to teach them to live according to the Divine laws of the Universe?

As you may know, long ago, representatives of the Draconian race on Earth – reptilians – used the religion as a way to enslave the human mind.

That’s why they created their own version of the history of mankind – long, confusing and bloody, as well as their own God, who was supposed to keep people in fear and obedience.

But the Old Testament they created was so sinister that many people rejected it, feeling its falseness.

Therefore the reptilians, having seized the initiative from the true followers of Christ, created the New Testament, which included many elements of the Teachings of Christ. However, as already mentioned in the previous message, the wrong emphasis significantly changed the essence of the Teaching itself.

If Christ taught people that they are parts of God on earth, free and independent and that their life should be filled with Happiness and Joy, Light and Love, the New Testament, like the Old one, drove them into the rigid frames of submission, obedience and worship of God.

Consequently, the doctrine of Christ became a fixed dogma, and God the Father and Christ were turned into the idols to be worshiped, thereby separating them from people.

People appeal to them using complicated and entangled prayers they memorized, instead of talking to them simply and sincerely as with the dearest and closest beings.

This “barrier” of canons was created in order to distance people from God, to lower the level of energy of human communications with the Higher Forces of the Universe.

But still, despite all the ruses, God lives in the soul of almost every person. People feel his presence by intuition, and they ask him for help in difficult moments of their life.  And if it serves them for good, then such help surely comes to them.

In the course of the two millennia that have passed since the Ascension of Christ, hundreds of great souls have been coming to earth with the mission to awaken humanity.

They are the ones who you call holy and who, like Yeshua, performed miracles both on earth and in Heaven.

No one and nothing has managed to blow out the spark of God which Christ brought to earth and which at all times illuminates the secret parts of the human soul, where true spiritual values are  hidden, thereby bringing  the person back to God, preventing him or her from fully plunging into the dual world.

And now, when the Earth is getting to a new Divine “turn” of development, none can blow out this spark, since all the Forces of Light of the Universe got together to help you, our beloved ones.

They bring you the pure, veritable knowledge about the history of the Earth, about the laws of the Universe, about life and acts of the greatest souls who fulfilled the mission of Serving humanity.

They help you go through this unique period of the Earth’s transition into the fifth dimension, feeding you with the energies of the highest vibrations.

Of course, Christ and Mary Magdalene, so beloved by you, did not stay away from this great fateful passage in the life of the Earth.

We will stop here today.

Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke with you

Channeled by Marta on November 13, 2017

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