The Second Coming of Christ (The Night before the Execution)

the-second-coming-of-christ-the-night-before-the-executionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Thus, we approach a culmination of our story about the first coming of Christ.

The next morning, Yeshua had to finish the mission, for which he had come to Earth.

He already knew what would be the choice of the crowd, because Father had shown him his exit from the Earth plane in all details, by moving him into the future.

Together, they had already “rehearsed” the last act of this Divine “play,” and now Yeshua would only had to finish playing his part to the end.

He did not have any fear for the upcoming execution, because he had already mastered the skill of coming out of his body; and he knew that when he is crucified, he would only observe himself from the sideways, without feeling pain and suffering.

That’s exactly what he wanted to convey to his beloved mother and wife, when he was saying farewell. It has been especially difficult for his mother, who has not been initiated into all the subtleties of what was happening. But he knew that his wife Mary would always be near her as well as his daughter, with whom Mary was planning to reunite in India right after Yeshua’s exit.

Yeshua had spent his last night on Earth in deep thoughts, not closing his eyes even for a minute.

He was trying to sum up all his life, but the more he thought it over, the more clearly he saw what a huge amount of work was awaiting his followers.

He understood that everything he had done during these years was a drop in the ocean; because the duality had deeply entrenched in the consciousness of the people, and like rust it had corroded their consciousness, not allowing them to break through the common stereotypes of thinking.

His struggle against the reptiloids was not a fight between equals, because they had overtaken all the power and had enslaved people, keeping them in fear.

He already knew what destiny was awaiting those, who had followed his Teaching wholeheartedly, and who had started believing in their own Divinity.

And now, he had to make the last step – to show them the miracle of Resurrection.

It was exactly what would become the Great Divine Symbol, which would lead millions of people and would help them in the difficult moments, strengthening their spirits, and preventing them from falling into despair in this cruel world of duality.

The dawn was already approaching, when the guard entered the room, saying that Pontius Pilate wants to see him.

Yeshua was led into the quarters of Pontius Pilate. When he first looked at him, he realized that he also had not slept this night, appearing so pale and exhausted.

Pilate asked Yeshua to share his meal with him.

The table laden with food was waiting for them in the garden. Pilate invited Yeshua to sit down.

Pilate himself did not touch the food and continued to look at Yeshua as if trying to resolve his mystery, to understand something which had bothered him.

He wanted to understand why this mysterious man was staying so peaceful and undisturbed, why he looked at Pilate with Love and compassion, despite the fact that he was sending him for execution today.

Yeshua too barely touched his food, taking just a couple of fruits.

It has been a strange meal, carried in complete silence.

At last, Pilate said, “I am ready to grant any of your requests, any of your wishes before death.”

Yeshua said, “Please, allow Mary Magdalene to leave Judea undisturbed, and make sure that she and my mother would not be persecuted as a result of the accusations against me.”

Pilate promised to do that.

Yeshua thanked him, bowed down, and said that he wanted to be alone before the execution.

Pilate looked at him with the long look of farewell and then ordered his guard to take him away.

Turning at the very threshold, Yeshua said quietly, “Do not feel guilty because of me. Everything had to happen exactly like that. And I am ready for that. Farewell Pontius Pilate, and may the Higher Powers be with you.”

We will stop here today.

Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke with you

Channeled by Marta on November 4, 2017

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