The Second Coming of Christ (The Baptism)

the-second-coming-of-christ-the-baptismGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Thus, our story is reaching a transformative moment in Yeshua’s life when his special gifts already took on the Divine coloring.

And that’s how it all happened.

Yeshua, in his turn, told John about his conversation with God, where He has mentioned about the man named John, whom people would call John the Baptist, and about a special mission he had to fulfill. The only thing Yeshua kept hidden for a while was John’s unfortunate destiny to end his life on the scaffold.

Both of them fully realized that their meeting was predestined from the Above, that they had a common mission, and that the sooner they would start their actions the more people they could bring to God.

Yeshua also understood that his own Baptism must be staged in an unusual way – that as many people as possible should witness his Transformation and the following miracles.

That is why for the first Baptism, Yeshua and John chose a holiday when the majority of the villagers gathered in the market square not far from the river.

The disciples of Yeshua volunteered to be the heralds of this great event and called the people to the shore of the river Jordan, where they could observe the never seen before rite of transformation of the regular person into Divine Man, capable of creating miracles.

And this crucial day has arrived.

Wearing long white garments, Yeshua and John came out to the shore of the river. John was carrying the large size cross, which he held with outstretched arms in front.

Yeshua was following him with his head slightly bent down. It seemed that his thoughts were very far away from the people, from this place, from the rest of the world.

His face radiated such unearthly Kindness and Love that people involuntary stopped as if enchanted, and then slowly followed this unusual man unable to take their eyes off him.

When they reached the water, Yeshua and John noticed that quite a big crowd of people already gathered, impatient to see the miracles promised to them.

Summoning the Higher Forces of the Universe, they entered the waters of the river Jordan.

Standing across from Yeshua, John crossed him with a wide cross and said solemnly,

“From now on and forever you are a part of God on Earth, destined to carry the Light and Love to the people.

I cleanse you from all your sins, committed consciously or unconsciously, from all the thoughts, not coming from God, from all the actions, not carrying Love.

I purify you with the holy waters of Jordan.”

Uttering these words, John put his hand on Yeshua’s head and submerged him into the water for several seconds.

When Yeshua stood up, John crossed him with the sign of the cross three times.

And right at that moment, a white dove appeared in the skies and started to descend rapidly, and then slowly and solemnly perched on the palms of Yeshua’s hands.

Yeshua accepted that as a sign from God, that everything happened exactly as he has planned. With a smile on his lips, he raised his arms up and let the dove fly back to Heavens.

And then something unbelievable happened. He did not notice how he ascended and appeared on the very surface of the water.

He did not feel his body – it has become as light as a feather.

Yeshua glided on the water towards the shore until he stepped on the shore, followed by the astonished glances from the people…

We will stop here.

Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke with you

Channeled by Marta on October 25, 2017

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