The Second Coming of Christ (A Trip to Tibet)


Greetings, my dear beloved children!

Let’s continue our story about Yeshua’s and Mary Magdalene’s trip to India.

They had been there a year already. By that time, Mary was expecting a child, and it became difficult for them to travel. So they decided to stay in a small town in Northwest India, which wasn’t too far from their destination.

The Creator helped them once again by sending them good people and providing them with a roof over their heads.

They stayed with quite a well-off family, who were pleasant and kind people. They were also very devoted Buddhists.

Yeshua had a great pair of hands, which served him well. He began to do restoration work on their house and at the same time looked after their garden.

The family had several children, and that is why the hostess treated Mary, who was about to give birth, with much love and tenderness.

When Mary’s contractions started, the hostess invited a midwife, who had helped deliver her own children.

Everything went well and Mary gave birth to a healthy and beautiful boy.

The happy parents could not take eyes off their small miracle, and spent every free minute with him.

But Yeshua knew that he couldn’t allow himself to enjoy his family happiness for a long time. He had to fulfill his mission, which was the reason why he embarked on  this long journey in the first place.

And no matter how difficult it was to part with Mary and the baby, he had to continue the journey by himself, leaving his family for some time under the care of their protectors, who came to love Mary and their son with all their hearts.

Mary was happy to help them with housework and look after the kids.

Her joyful character, her wisdom and tact, infused love and goodness into the family atmosphere; and for that the hosts were very grateful.

It all happened so naturally and harmoniously, that Yeshua and Mary had no doubts that once again the Higher Powers took them under their wing.

That is why Yeshua was able to say good bye to his beloved ones with peace in his heart, and embarked on a journey alone.

He knew that the mountains of Tibet was a very harsh region, and was happy that he left his family in a nice, warm home with good and kind people.

This time, he did not stop on his way, but went straight to his destination.

Tibet was a beautiful and magnificent place, with pure and transparent air, and unusual silence.

It was a real abode of Gods…

But where could the Great Initiates be, of whom the Essenes told him? He had to find them no matter what.

He started off by finding a shelter in a tiny village, which was located right at the foot of the mountain, and slowly began to get acquainted with its inhabitants.

They were very different from regular Indians and conversed in a language he did not know, but, fortunately, they understood him.

Soon, he found a guide, who offered to show him where the Mountain Kailash was -the ultimate goal of his travel.

After loading the mule with supplies of food and warm clothes, they started their journey.

We will stop here today.

Father – Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke with you

Channeled by Marta on October 5, 2017

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