The Second Coming of Christ (Mary Magdalene)


Greetings, my dear beloved children!

Let’s continue with our story about the predestined meeting of Yeshua and his other half.

Who was Mary Magdalene? And why did she, just as Yeshua, left such a deep mark on the history of mankind?

Why do people worship her as a Saint?

She was a great Soul, as well as Yeshua, who came to Earth with a mission to awaken the humanity and bring the Divine knowledge back to them.

She was born in a family of a fish merchant. Her family came to Jerusalem from the Mediterranean region. Mary’s father died when she was very young, and her mother had to support her and her younger sister. The family was very poor, and Mary had to work from a very young age.

Her artistic talents became apparent early in life. Mary was a good singer and dancer. Thanks to her good looks,  exceptional femininity and great charm, she always attracted attention of men.

Being smart and perceptive, she often used that to her advantage.

But she always did that in a fun a playful way, never causing any harm to her admirers or any other people.

Mary had a kind and compassionate heart and did not know what jealousy or hypocrisy were.

She had a remarkable personality combining everyday practicality and purity of a child, flirtatiousness and spontaneity, joy and sadness, insightfulness and credulity.

And because of such a multicoloured palette of feelings and emotions, combined with a sense of humor and rare charm, she was the embodiment of a true woman.

No one could resist her, and she, in turn, fell in love often.

Because of her ardent temperament she did not stay alone for long.

In her heart, Mary was an actress and, whenever there was an opportunity, she took part in the plays she liked.

Yeshua saw her performing in one of such plays. But unlike others, who only saw her external beauty, he saw her inner beauty. He didn’t see just a light-minded actress, but a woman with a rich inner world who was different from all the other girls he had met before.

He came to see the same performance for the second time, and then the third. And only then he finally decided to meet her.

It happened quite unexpectedly. It seemed that destiny itself helped them and made this meeting beautiful and memorable.

After the performance, one drunk admirer decided  “to buy” the actress he liked. Yeshua, who noticed Mary’s frightened and bewildered face, took her hand, saying, “Let’s run,” and led her through the maze of narrow Jerusalem streets.

Once in a safe place, they stopped and at last looked into each other’s eyes…

It was love at first sight. It seemed that their Souls united into one, and without any words, they realized they could never separate again.

Yeshua brought her into his house the same evening. And they started their life together. The life full of travel and adventures. The life that gave them so many happy moments, unforgettable days and nights.

It seemed that they were swimming together in the waves of life, gently and harmoniously, always understanding and supporting each other.

Their relationship was based not only on love, but on great respect for each other; because they both realized or rather sensed, that they were both unusual people and had an unusual life ahead of them.

Mary absorbed all the spiritual knowledge that Yeshua shared with her fast. It seemed to her that what she was learning was not new to her, that she had  always known these Universal Laws and how the Universe is designed and that she simply returned Home through the stories of her beloved husband.

Love and spiritual closeness strengthened their union with the Great Divine “Seal,” which was the greatest guarantee for a happy family life.

Your Father – Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you beyond measure, spoke with you.

Channeled by Marta on October 3, 2017

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