The Second Coming of Christ (Judgment of the Crowd)

the-second-coming-of-christ-judgment-of-the-crowdGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Thus, the day has arrived, which would stay forever in the historic annals of humanity.

Yeshua came out of his physical body, while still being in prison, just as it has been forethought by the Father.

He has been in a a very unusual state of consciousness.

It seemed he looked at himself from the side, unseen by the people, while his twin self acted like nothing happened.

The separation of his human and Divine essence had occurred.

One of them stayed in a space of the higher vibrations, where physical pain and sufferings don’t exist; while the other one still stayed on Earth, acting according to the laws of three-dimensional world.

Earthy Yeshua was obeying the orders of the guards, who had led him out on the streets and had compelled him to carry on his shoulders a heavy cross, which he had to carry to the place of his execution.

But his unseen twin, who accompanied Yeshua through the narrow streets of Jerusalem, had not felt any pain or suffering or heaviness of the cross; although he had seen the bloody scratches on the back of Yeshua-man.

It was really similar to the theater performance, where only Yeshua was the main actor, acting his role on Earth, and also a spectator, who stayed on a subtle plane.

Yeshua-spectator looked upon everything peacefully, with a complete understanding of the inevitability of what was transpiring. And only when he had seen the teary eyes of his wife-Mary and mother-Mary, he suddenly moved for a moment back into his earthy body and realized how terrible it has been.

He had begged them not to come to the execution, but they could not keep their promise, in their attempts to be as close as possible to him.

With a tremendous effort, Yeshua again had come out of his physical body and tried not to look at his loved ones anymore, so he could honorably finish what has been planned.

As soon as they had reached the square where the execution had to take place, he realized that right there he had to keep a complete peace of mind, banishing all the human emotions and feelings.

And soon, he understood why.

What happened next was akin to the wild orgy, revelry of the dark forces, a state of possession.

Pilate fulfilled exactly what Yeshua had advised him. He allowed the crowd to decide the destinies of the criminals, sentenced to death.

When the sentence for each of them has been read, the crowd went wild and started yelling that Yeshua had to be crucified first.

He seemed more odd and strange to them than robbers and killers, and therefore provoked inexplicable fear, which, in its turn, created anger and aggression.

People, who had come to stare at the execution, were the youngest, coarse, and spiritually undeveloped souls. They wanted bread and entertainment at any coast, and especially the bloody spectacles, which were the food for the dark forces, who possessed the consciousness of these people.

They pardoned one of the criminals, who had repented and had promised that from that moment on he would stay on the path of righteousness.

But Yeshua, who had looked on this wild mob quietly and peacefully, provoked in them nothing but irritation and anger. The avalanche of the low energies, coming from the crowd, crushed at the unbreakable wall of Love and Goodness surrounding Yeshua, and reflected back towards these people, inflaming their hatred for this man who seemed strange, and therefore dangerous for them.

When a sentence has been announced, Yeshua saw that Pontius Pilate slowly stood up from his armchair and left the place of the execution.

He has not looked at his wife-Mary and mother-Mary anymore, fearing to repeat his sad experience.

He focused all his attention so he could go through the execution honorably.

We’ll stop here today.

Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke with you

Channeled by Marta on November 5, 2017

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