The Second Coming of Christ (Resurrection)

the-second-coming-of-christ-resurrectionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Thus, we are approaching that part of our narrative, which would reveal the miracle of Resurrection of Yeshua.

After moving into his physical body, Yeshua could revive his material vehicle where his Soul had lived on Earth all these years.

It is impossible to explain from a human point of view. Of course, all the Higher Powers, citizens of Agartha, his Star family, God-Father had helped him.

 But still the main role has been played by Yeshua, who, realizing all the tragedy of what was happening on Earth, realizing the depth of the human fall into the lower vibrational energies, which separate humans from their Divine essence, had made his last effort entering into his dead body, fulfilling his mission on Earth to the end.

It seemed, he took upon himself all the pain, fear, and despair, which had pushed people to cruelty; and for which they would pay so dearly, being born again and again on this long-suffering planet.

His beloved beautiful planet, which was caught in the net of the dark forces, who enslaved the consciousness of the people, had become so dear to him that he was ready for anything in order to “shake” and “awaken” these lost souls from a spiritual dream and to help them remember who they were in reality.

What happened next had left such a deep impression on the consciousness of the people, that even the echo of these events lives in their souls to this day.

Mary, who was holding Yeshua’s hand, suddenly sensed that it started to get warmer, and then felt some light tremor of his fingers.

She was afraid to move, fearing to drive away the feeling. But soon she understood that it was not her imagination – her beloved husband was really coming back to life.

The first light of the dawn was already breaking,

and she could look at Yeshua carefully.

The most amazing thing was that his wounds have been healed. Only small scars remained in its place and they were not bleeding.

His body slowly became warm. And at last he slowly opened his eyes and smiled at her, “You see, my dear, I’d kept my promise,” uttered Yeshua.

Mary fell into his arms and for a long time they stayed embracing each other, until she calmed down completely.

Yeshua told her everything he had felt and seen.

And she thanked Father and all the Higher Powers, who helped Yeshua to avoid physical suffering, although she understood what kind of spiritual suffering he had to go through.

With the first rays of the sun, the disciples came into the cave, his closest favorite disciples. Judas was among them.

They came to perform the burial rites at the already prepared plot.

And when they have seen Yeshua, alive and well, in the long white robe, prepared by Mary, they were stunned.

The disciples rushed to him and, at last, realized that their Teacher had Resurrected.

They started to plead with him to appear before the people, so they could witness this Miracle. They understood very well that people would not believe their words.

Yeshua fulfilled their pleas. He understood how important it was that the rumors of his Resurrection would be carried as far as possible, and that as many people as possible would know and remember that nothing is impossible for a man, who lives and breathes with Love; who would pray even at the brink of his death about the lost souls, who had sent him to the execution.

We’ll stop here today.

Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke with you

Channeled by Marta on November 7, 2017

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