The Second Coming of Christ (Divide and Conquer)

the-second-coming-of-christ-divide-and-conquerGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we are starting a new part in the series of our messages called “The Second Coming of Christ.”

But first, we’d like to tell you what kind of changes has happened with the Teaching of Christ and why it has happened.

Let’s now call Yeshua by the name of Christ, which is more familiar to you, because his teaching became known as Christianity.

As we have said before, by the time of Yeshua the power on Earth everywhere had already belonged to the race of Dragons – reptiloids, who skillfully encoded their programs into the consciousness of the people, that helped them to keep people fearful and enslaved.

They invented the well-known expression “Divide and Conquer.” You may easily call it the slogan of the reptiloids.

The Teaching of Christ, which had started to conquer the earth, was a great menace for them, because it could lead the consciousness of the people out of their control, transforming the obedient citizens into the free and independent creators of their own lives. That was not a part of the plan for the reptiloids.

In the beginning, they had tried to destroy the followers of Christ physically. But the Faith of the people has been so strong, that they could even face their own deaths with joy; knowing that death does not exist, when their souls reach Heavens, they would return home – in the lap of their Creator.

And then reptiloids decided to use the Teaching of Christ for their advantage. They developed devious plan; keeping the external shell of Christianity, to distort its inner content, by removing from it its main meaning – the Divine essence.

The first thing they have done was to remove the knowledge about reincarnation, and by doing that narrowing the scope of human existence to one incarnation.

Why have they considered it dangerous?

They knew, dear ones, that limitations of any kind lead to diminishing of human consciousness, putting it “in the box,” which allows to control easily human thoughts and actions.

But the most devious thing was in presenting God in their own image, transforming him into a judge, who controls human lives, who decides whom to punish and whom to pardon, which leads to transforming people into the “slaves” of God.

They kept hidden the knowledge that people are Gods – the particles of the Creator, who had descended to earth to enrich their souls through the unique experience of living in the world of duality on this beautiful planet.

But then, they went even further by announcing that clerics are Divine representatives on Earth, acting in God’s name, giving them the unlimited power over human souls.

Thus, their main slogan “Divide and Conquer” was also applied to church, which announced that God is the lord and the people are his “servants.”

The deviousness and cunning of their plan was in using the main plot of the life and death of Christ, but putting the emphasis on his death – on his crucifixion, which carried completely different energies, based on cruelty, pain and suffering.

The symbol of Christianity has become Christ, crucified on the cross, whose depiction was placed in every church and cathedral.

The people, without realizing that, started to “feed” reptiloids with their energies of suffering, morning over Christ and observing these bloody pictures.

With time, reptiloids learned how to draw people into religious wars, forcing them to kill each other in the name of God.

As you can see, dear ones, they had distorted the essence of Yeshua’s Teaching so much, that Unconditional, Unlimited and All-Forgiving Love, which has been the basis of the Teaching, was transformed into death, pain and suffering for many people.

Father-Absolute and Mother of the Universe, who love you without measure, spoke with you

Channeled by Marta on November 10, 2017

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