news-from-the-galactic-federation-of-light-september-7-2018Greetings, our dear earthlings!

Galactic Federation of Light have instructed me to give you a message of the great importance.

Now all the Forces of Light, who are assigned to help earthlings with their Shift into a new dimension, are summoned for emergency.

The moment of truth is approaching, when the “threshold” for overcoming problems must be determined, in other words, the degree of danger for people, who are at the brink of survival as a result of natural disasters, which become increasingly destructive with every day.

Why is it happening?

Humanity is too slow in turning its “ship,” which have taken a wrong course, leading them to destruction.

In the preceding decades, all the Higher Forces of the Universe have worked to compel you to “awaken,” sending you numerous signs and cues, and also literal unequivocal information about an Ascension – the Shift of your planet to another dimension – into the new energy space.

There is an unceasing struggle between the Forces of Light and Darkness for your minds and your souls, and for your lives.

Your Galactic brothers and sisters have joined in this process crucial for an entire Universe, trying to help as many people as possible to use this unique chance, stopping the wheel of the incarnations and returning them where they originally have come from.

But these efforts strike an impenetrable wall named “inertia.”

That tiny part of the best representatives of humanity, who have taken upon themselves the mission of bringing the true knowledge to the people, are perceived by the majority of the population as fanatics, cult members, dreamers, in other words, people not of this world.

But remember, it is precisely such strange and unusual people, swimming against the tide, who have led humanity to the new levels of development, opening the new horizons for them.

Posthumously, they often have been called brave, genius, wise, but during their lifetimes they have been ridiculed, persecuted, and sometimes even sentenced to death.

So do not repeat this mistake again and again!

Believe those, who could escape boring routine uniform life, who have overcome the power of inertia, and have heard the voices of the Higher Powers, your Galactic family; and despite the misunderstanding and mockery, stubbornly persevered to reach the goal, planned by their Souls and not by the faceless consumer society, that sunk in the vices of duality.

Overcome your pride and try to hear and understand those, who sincerely wishes to help you to save your souls, that are tired to be born again and again in the 3D world, where the cruel laws of survival reign, where the world is ruled by the race of reptiloids, who have seized the power on Earth and transformed people into their obedient slaves.

There is no time left for pondering. Your Earth is exhausted from an endless waiting and already unable to keep on herself the burden of 3D world.

The Earth throws it off with all possible means; through earthquakes and floods, through tornadoes and hurricanes, through tsunamis and volcanic explosions.

And only you, our dear earthlings, could soften this process, changing your consciousness, ridding yourselves from negative energies, consuming you, and transforming them into the energies of Light and Love.

Please, change your mind and help us and the Higher Powers of the Universe to save you!

Without your understanding and participation, we won’t be able to completely accomplish our mission for saving humanity, which means that the greatest part of humanity won’t be able to ascend with the Earth.

We extend our hands to you and wait for your handshake in return!

Ashtar Sheran, who loves you sincerely, has spoken to you on behalf of the Galactic Federation of Light!

Channeled by Marta on September 7, 2018

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