ASCENSION IN ACTION (Redistribution of energies on the planet)

ascension-in-action-redistribution-of-energies-on-the-planetGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I’d like to summarize the whole series of my messages about the Laws of the Universe and the Egregors, which play rather important role in the fulfillment of these Laws in life.

As you can see, they represent a whole and complex structure of subtle matter, which is intricately connected with the dense plane of Earth, and there is a constant energy exchange between them.

Every one of you brings contributions to the egregors, positive or negative, depending on which energies you radiate outward.

At the same time, all inhabitants of Earth are connected together by the unseen energy threads, which have been formed during centuries and millenniums as a result of the karmic connections.

But now, it is a unique situation on Earth, when a great number of Great Ancient Souls have descended on Earth, incarnated as thousands particles of each Soul.

The goal of this “Divine sawing” is redistribution of energies, both on the subtle and dense planes of Earth.

And this massive arrival of the Souls of Light to Earth is meant to tip the scales to the side of the Light, because the situation on Earth lately have reached such a critical point, when it has been close to a point of no return.

Now we have been able to change this situation, and the energy balance towards the Darkness has been eliminated.

Now slowly, but surely the Earth returns to its former greatness and moves towards the space of 5D, where it has been some time ago.

To expedite this process, we have taken unprecedented measures, sending all the Great Forces of Light for your help.

Therefore, the Light fills up the Earth from two sides – from the subtle and dense planes.

It can be said, that a part of the Forces of Light have voluntarily incarnated on Earth now in their physical bodies to ensure the necessary energy exchange.

These Great Souls know very well, that without the support from physical plane the Higher Powers won’t be able to accomplish this great task.

And now many of these incarnated particles face difficulties, because after descending to Earth, they have forgotten about their mission and lost the path, chosen by their Souls.

Some of them undergo terrible tests, because it is the only way for them to return to their predestined path and save their Souls from falling from the heights, to which they have ascended through the hundreds of their incarnations.

That is the meaning of the expression that “Creator sends the greatest tests to his favorite children.”

And the last thing I want to tell you today.

Every man, who have stepped on the path of Ascension, is truly priceless, because just through his understanding of the events happening on Earth, he is capable of changing the collective consciousness of mankind, slowly turning it from Darkness to Light.

And this process is speeded up more and more with every day.

That’s how an energy redistribution of forces leading towards the Ascension is happening.

And that’s how the Egregor of 5D is created, which will gradually absorb – enfold within itself an entire planet.

Father – Absolute, who loves you without measure, has spoken to you

Channelled by Marta on May 15, 2018

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