TRANSITION TO THE FIFTH DIMENSION (Energy mechanism of Earth transformation)

transition-to-the-fifth-dimension-energy-mechanism-of-earth-transformationGreetings, my dear beloved children!

To continue with my previous message I would like to give you a more detailed explanation of what I mean saying that Earth is “turned inside out”

It is sure to be an approximate figurative comparison, yet, it is the one that most precisely reflects the mechanism of Earth’s energy transformation.

Since it is at the energy level where the main energy changes of Earth occur, you should understand this expression the following way.

During Earth’s moving down the labyrinthine corridor opened by the Tetragonia civilization for anyone whose vibrations enable them to move to the Fifth dimension, the energy field of Earth is gradually turning the way its subtle bodies existing now in the Fifth dimension attract to themselves denser bodies – up till the etheric one.

And when it completely merges with the atmic body, then will occur the “topsy-turvy” into the parallel reality from the third dimension matrix to the fifth dimension one.

It is hard to explain with common words but the idea of this process is that vibrations of all Earth’s bodies are averaged and its subtle bodies are “turned inside out” so that it is its atmic – Divine – body that now is contiguous to the physical surface of Earth.

It is exactly the body that now fills with its energies Earth and conscience of people who moved to the Fifth dimension along with the planet.

Why does this happen? Why is the usual order of Earth’s energy structure broken?

Only because of the fact that at the first stage Earth needs a powerful intake of Divine energies that will finally force out of human conscience century-old programmes of the dual world settled in it.

It will be some kind of “bonus” to the new humanity and its “insurance” against descending to lower frequency vibrations.

Thus, your Mother Earth will hold you within its high vibration field preventing you from stumbling till new Divine programmes finally settle in your conscience, the ones based on the Laws of the Universe.

The thing is, my dear ones, that no matter how high a person reach in their spiritual development, even in a new reality they are still susceptible to the mental standards they got used to.

It is accounted for by the fact that third dimension world programmes have sat firm in their subconscience, and they can fully be dissolved only in the high energies of the Fifth dimension where your Earth will find itself.

As soon as the new mankind adapts to the conditions on new Earth, and its probable fall back to the third dimension world is ultimately prevented, the subtle bodies of Earth will gradually take their usual position.

It certainly does not mean their vibration frequency will reduce to a lower level. They all will “implode” in the single energy space at the mental body level, which will also happen to the subtle bodies of people.

Yet, during the period of adaptation to the new energies this kind of “metamorphose” can be very useful both for Earth itself and for its inhabitants.

When everything reaches a balanced and calm condition, each of the subtle bodies will manifest itself the way it was originally designed but their new functions will get the feature of an individual principle of the whole one’s particle.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on July 15, 2019

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