ASCENSION IN ACTION (Interaction between the man and the egregor)

ascension-in-action-interaction-between-the-man-and-the-egregorGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we complete our conversation about the Egregor of Ascension, which we have discussed in my previous messages.

And now I will explain in detail the mechanism of interaction between the man and the egregor; that you could better understand your role, which means your responsibility for everything that happens on your planet.

The egregors themselves have appeared and continue to appear as consequences of the work of the Laws of the Universe.

It can be said, that they are the instrument for the fulfillment of these Laws. And that’s why.

According to the Law of Reflection, each of your emotions, that are radiated outside and carries a certain energy, must later return to you in the same and even stronger variety.

But because it does not return immediately, it needs a space where it will be “waiting for its time.”

And that time will occur, when the Soul decides that the time of the requital has come, when your lesson would be the most effective and evident.

Then the Soul sends a “request”- impulse for the necessary energy, which then descends to the physical plane through a certain person – the one, who is meant to be involved in this situation according to karmic or any other reasons.

That’s the reason why the requital for misdeeds more often comes unexpectedly, and not from someone you have expected.

Believe me, dear ones, the net of your destiny is woven subtly and intricately, considering hundreds and thousands factors that are necessary for the development of your Soul.

In this instance, the egregors serve as a depository of different energies, which create a certain whirlwind: they absorb within them everything that humans radiate, and then return these energies back.

In that way, the saying “as you saw, so you shall reap” comes to life.

There is one more characteristic of the egregors – as the keepers of human emotions.

They are very flexible and movable. They acutely react to all the nuances of the human passions, immediately adjusting to them.

Like a magnet, they attract the energy that resonates with their vibrations.

And a man is powerless to change that, because that’s how the Universe is created, where everything is subject to its Laws.

In order to change your life for the better, all you have to do is to deliver to the subtle plane of Earth the higher-vibrational energies of Light and Love instead of the lower-vibrational energies.

And then the egregors of the world of duality, feeding on the lower-vibrational energies, will soon become increasingly emptier until they completely disappear, and the ONLY ONE huge and beautiful EGREGOR OF ASCENSION will shine around the Earth, filled with your Love and Gratitude.

And as soon as that will happen, the real wonders will start to occur on physical plane, because the people, living by their lower passions, will simply disappear from your life, gradually leaving for other worlds.

According to the Law of Attraction, only those who are “nourished” by the energy of Love and who share it with others, would be able to survive on Earth.

This is the best scenario for the development of events and it depends only on you, dear ones, how soon you can embody it into life.

If the consciousness of the people will start transforming soon enough, then you can avoid many tragic events, which are meant to wake up the people and return them to God.

And this is not a utopia, dear ones.

A person, who remembers of his Divine origins, has mastery over everything!

And I bless you for that!

Father – Absolute, who loves you very much, has spoken to you.

Channelled by Marta on May 14, 2018

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