new-age-energiesGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to digress from the topic and tell you about energy peculiarities of the recent days.

Probably, some of you noticed that since the middle of April quite unusual energies have been arriving to Earth.

They are not simply powerful but really mighty and rich.

It can be said that the high vibration frequency energies showering Earth nowadays have undergone the transition from quantity to a new quality.

And today I would like to explain to you what difference between these energies is.

The top-priority task for all the Higher Forces used to be filling Earth with high vibration frequency energies that gradually dissolved centuries-old negative information both in near-earth space and at the physical level of your planet.

In other words, coarse purification was carried out – new energies flows were washing the first layer of dirt off Earth.

The same happened to the humanity conscience: due to these energies the veil that separates the 3D world from other worlds of higher dimensions was only half-lifted.

Now it is high time to implement deeper and more thorough purification of both the former and the latter.

And this requires different kinds of energy – multilevel and task-oriented ones.

The first flows of Love and Light energy were aimed at making people realize that it is impossible to go on living LIKE THIS any longer.

They also enjoyed some “bonuses” in the form of visualized wonders of the Renaissance so that people will not have any doubts about the information on Earth transmitting into another dimension being true, which multiplied the desire of the awakened souls to gain the ground not stopping halfway.

Now for the process not to be interrupted or to become routine there have arrived new energies supposed to influence you so that your spare capacities get activated to help you transform not only your conscience into the Divine one but also your body into a light crystal one.

In other words, “the face-lift” is completed and a real “spring-clearing” has been started in your conscience and all your bodies.

So, what are the new energies like and how should you use them?

Many of you have already heard about the healing Energy of the Purple Flame and have even seen it during your meditations.

But it has recently gained a new quality and effects the human body purification at the DNA level.

It is penetrating each and every cell and atom of your body transforming them into the Divine crystals.

It is filling all your subtle bodies rarifying them to the utmost.

Call on this energy during your meditations as often as possible and you will feel by all means the gentle, soft and careful way it is working with your bodies.

And there is one more kind of energy you are used to working with that is undergoing the transition to a new quality.

It is the Energy of the Supreme Creator that “specializes” in 3D world programmes purification of your conscience and subconscience.

Call on this kind of energy each time you feel that you are thinking the typical way, acting under inertia or acting inspired by your Ego not by your Soul and you will feel how the course of your thoughts and actions changes.

Start with this, my dear ones, and you will see the world transforming and reflecting the changes that are occurring in you.

I bless you and deeply love you!

Father – Absolute spoke to you.

Channeled by Marta on April 26, 2019

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