dissolving-righteous-angerGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to my previous message I would like to highlight one more important issue that at present is of crucial role to each of you.

And we will talk about your reaction to the outrage lie about the current events in Ukraine that is flowing from everywhere and that is being spread in the earnest way by the media of the countries whose heads are the shadow government’s marionettes.

What feelings are you seized with when you hear it?

They are likely to be offence, censure or powerlessness to change anything – in a word, the feeling of injustice and “righteous” anger in respect of Russia’s offenders.

Well, what energies and vibrations do they feature?

Of course, negative energies and low vibrations.

But this is exactly what you are striving to get rid of with all your heart and soul.

So, how can you, my dear, combine your radiant dreams and thoughts with the anger that seizes you towards globalists with all their lie and hypocrisy?

It is possible to do though not easy.

And now I will offer you a practice that will help you balance the energies thus ill-matching each other.

But first, let us consider their “incompatibility” from the physical point of view.

Since you are still living in the dual world with the unity of opposites holding sway: bad – good, mean – kind, hangman – victim, justice – injustice and so on, any energy, be it positive or negative, a priori implies there is its antipode.

And this duality has been fixed in the third dimension world for centuries, as a result of which opposite energies began to get attracted to each other but not in consistence with the law of similars but with that of “duality”.

And each of you is likely to find a lot of examples of this in your own life.

That is why now you have not only to get rid of negative energies in your life but also to break the vicious circle of duality typical of the third dimension world.

Therefore, the first thing you should do is to realize the inevitability of your reaction to any injustice and its consistence with this law.

And you do not have to blame yourselves for this because you are still living in the dual world with all its attributes.

And now we will move on to the practice itself that we will call “Dissolving “righteous” anger”.

And this is what it is about.

Every time you hear or read something unpleasant conveying outrageous lie, hypocrisy or injustice imagine this information as dark bundles of energy that are quite within your depth to catch and neutralize.

For this purpose invoke the Flame of Universe Love and ask it to dissolve this concentration of lie – “burn” it down with its Divine Light.

Visualize this picture as vividly as possible.

Maybe, for some of you it will be easier to imagine this high vibration energy, like a downpour, breaking “lumps” of information dirt that turning into small particles disappear completely being carried away by the energy flow.

These small particles are absolutely harmful since their influence on you and other people has already been reduced to nothing.

It is quite possible that many of you will find an even more picturesque and efficient way of neutralizing false information having come up with your own practice.

The main thing is to preserve the gist of it which is in, having realized the inevitability of the opposite energy’s occurrence, accepting its appropriateness in the dual world but, at the same time, in doing one’s best to neutralize its impact on oneself as soon as possible thereby maintaining one’s high vibrations.

And let this lesson realized and accepted by you become one more invaluable piece of experience of your Soul and another step on your way to Ascension.

I bless you for this and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 6, 2022.

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