window-on-new-world-countdownGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to my previous message I would like to focus on one more peculiarity of collective human conscience connection with its Galaxy family.

And now we will dwell on the energy processes that occur in it as long as it is transforming from the third dimension one to the collective conscience of the Fifth dimension.

It is possible to say that the “countdown” has now been triggered: just as collection human conscience got “compressed” to the level of the third dimension some time ago under the influence of the alien energies that came to Earth, so this time it has to return to its initial condition getting as rarefied as possible.

Being a total mirror reflection of the things that happen in the conscience of pure human souls, collective human conscience is changing as long as people’s conscience changes.

This process gets additionally complicated by the fact that every human Soul has its own karmic “store” and, moreover, it is not only earthly as the mature souls that have come to Earth now got embodied not only on your planet but on many others, too.

It can partially explain the peculiarities of mentality, behaviour and emotional perception of events by different people.

Unlike reptiloids who live in compliance with a certain programme that was installed by their creators, pure Divine Souls feature uniqueness particles and perceive the reality around them in an unconventional way.

This is exactly the reason why it is so hard for the representatives of the deep state to “herd” them together with reptiloids, biorobots and clones that they have already learnt to control skillfully.

The originality of each human Soul is determined by what Star family it has come to Earth from or, in other words, what its “lineage” is.

As a rule, the travel around other worlds and dimensions for such a Soul starts not at once but only after it gets spiritually mature in its own “house”, and such a period of growing up lasts for quite a long time.

Just as a child gets the foundation of spiritual and moral values in their family that will later determine their development, each Divine Soul is born in a Star family that cherishes and brings it up before it sets off to travel free in the open of the Universe.

And the “start” it gets depends on the dimension this Soul was lucky to be born in.

The bravest and most curious souls take the courage to get embodied in the worlds of lower dimensions, which sometimes ends up in a failure.

Not all of them can estimate their potential adequately and stick to their high primordial vibration frequency finding themselves in a cruel third dimension world with their memory blocked.

It can be compared with adventurous travelers that set off for a long voyage dreaming to discover unexplored lands.

Furthermore, not each of them manages to come back home safe and sound.

Not knowing local customs, they run the risk of being deprived of life or health by wild tribes, which was actually often the case.

As for our star “travelers”, while they get around low vibration worlds, their Souls suffer a lot, the ones battered in unequal fights with these worlds’ inhabitants.

And there are a lot of such Souls on Earth.

And so as to save them from further decline and help them return to the worlds of high dimensions, their Star families have come to the aid of them.

The Ascension of Earth is a unique opportunity for such great souls that got astray to come back Home.

So now all the Forces of Light are doing their best so that they do not miss this rare chance of their rescue thereby bringing to a stop their wondering around low vibration worlds where their Souls were suffering so much.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 16, 2023.

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  1. Tracey says:

    I continue rebelling the “corporations” aka deep state, who have tricked the majority of the people into believing we the people need to pay taxes, fines, etcetera etcetera.
    Most of the people do not know Our God Given Rights, therefore they continue to being ruled. As for myself, I know the “authority” is fake, council, police officers etcetera have NO POWER over the people.
    I have a question, I would be very grateful for anyone’s opinion.
    My question is, due to having such passion for our freedom, I am confronted with the third dimension much more often, does this affect my souls journey towards the fifth dimension? I could just walk away, however, I could not bring myself to do this, I need to help the people get their freedom back, I could not walk away, I wouldn’t sleep at night knowing I have abandoned the people, I would be abandoning the Universe. How does this affect my soul?
    People comes to me for help, does this affect my soul being dragged into the third dimension?

    1. Pila says:

      If something makes your vibration lower, than it keeps you away from 5th dimension.
      It does not mean you should “walk away”, maybe you should change your perception or ways about how to help the people. Try to see better who are you actually helping, individuals, are they ready for it, are those human souls, maybe you really do need to walk away from some people, places and/or actions.
      Personally, I cut many connections, as it lowers my vibration when there is constant competition, money talks, sport talks, alcohol etc. If I notice there is someone who wants to “know more” I would devote all my time to try to help that person. Besides all that, there is work on myself that I need to do.
      If you read previous messages from Father Absolute you will find answers to all your questions.

  2. Lee says:

    Your soul planned all the major event in this lifetime, believe it or not. Other things are small. You cant abandon others and universes, because we all breathe the air, we are all connected by the air, the air covered the entire planet. With this knowing, we can understand that if you focus on yourself and change from inside out, the positive energy will be sent by your inhale and exhale. Others will be affected by your change. The more positive changes you make, the bigger status quo is. Cheer up, Tracey!

    1. YourChoice says:

      Hi Lee, thanks for replying, very interesting.
      Are you saying, ‘I already know the outcome of every situation?’.
      What if I don’t necessarily wish to be connected with people who enforce fake authority onto people?
      I feel focusing on myself is selfish, I feel expressing how I feel to fake “authority” re Our Rights is making a positive change, I am advocating for people who cannot, plus I am very passionate towards living how we wish, without causing harm of course!
      Do I come across as though I need to cheer up?


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