WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (“Double identity”)

window-on-new-world-double-identityGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will consider collective human conscience from the point of view of its interaction with the collective consciences of the low vibration civilizations’ representatives that are embodied as humans.

We have already talked with you about the fact that for many centuries all of them have existed in the subtle levels of Earth and this or that way influenced each other.

It is inevitable since there is a huge number of “half-breds” on your planet who possess two souls, one of which is high vibration and the other is low vibration one.

I know that many of you at this or that time of your life experienced something like “double identity”.

It happened when you behaved untypically of you which you were later ashamed of, and you could not even explain to yourselves what inspired you to do so.

A lot of people explain it with the statement that “there is God and Devil living in everyone” who are constantly fighting over the person’s Soul.

As a matter of fact, it is partially true with the reservation that next to the Divine human soul there often exists a low vibration civilization’s representative’s soul.

And since each of them is “connected” to its collective conscience, it is subject to by far the greatest influence for its side.

As a result, in the energy space of such a person there is in progress a continuous “struggle” between these collective consciences for their physical medium.

And depending on the conditions one finds oneself in and the situations one comes across, this or that conscience can dominate.

So, when one feels Love and Gratitude to someone and, consequently, emits the energies of the highest vibrations in the Universe, one’s interaction with the collective conscience of pure Divine Souls gets stronger manifold enriching each other.

While one feels pain, sorrow, aggression, jealousy, envy, offence and many other negative emotions that are typical of the third dimension world, it comes as a “feast” for one’s low vibration soul that gets an intake of its “native” energies and at the same time interacts with its collective conscience in an intensive way.

So, depending on the situation and mental condition of the owner of two souls such an individual’s behaviour can be quite different, sometimes diametrically opposite and, consequently, they will “nourish” collective consciences so distinct and opposite in terms of their energies.

And since all these energies are in one field of such a person, they undeliberately mix and interact now increasing, now decreasing the vibrations of both the souls.

And it means that their collective consciences undergo the same processes in a mirror-like manner reflecting everything that happens to this person at the physical level.

Of course, few manage to mindfully trace these processes in their energy space.

Yet, according to the condition of the Soul that is sensitive to any emotional nuances it is possible to feel the “movement” of different energies in one’s aura.

Unfortunately, so far few on Earth can accept the fact that they have not one Soul inhabiting their body and that a lot of their problems result from the unfavourable neighbourhood of two souls, each of which is trying to “grab the biggest bit of the cake”.

But the one who will be able to do so and will start consciously and systematically working on liberation of one’s energy space from the low vibration soul will be repaid a hundredfold and make one’s way to the Fifth dimension.

Now it is happening to a lot of people, sometimes even unconsciously, by the way, — under the influence of a powerful flow of the new energies that are arriving at Earth now and thanks to the support of their Galaxy families.

But the result will be impressive indeed if such support is provided from both the sides: from the person themselves and from their Star family, which will at the same time increase the vibrations of collective human conscience, too.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 18, 2023.

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