cushion-the-blowGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to tell you what awaits you in the coming days so that you can face this new stage of Transition “fully armed” – morally and in terms of energy.

The beginning of the month launches two parallel processes in full now: transformation of human conscience and reflection of this process at the physical level as still more dynamic developments associated with the military operation in Ukraine.

As it was mentioned in my recent message, events triggering on your planet depends mostly on the condition of collective conscience of her inhabitants.

So now the moment has arrived when the attitude to current events of several collective consciences, including the reptiloid one, has coincided because of the fact that persecution of Russia arranged by globalists has now touched them on the raw.

As you see, at present the “boomerang” of any action returns very fast both to single individuals and whole communities.

And at present the situation on your planet is as follows.

Joint actions of the shadow government and their protégés at the helm of the leading countries of the world have resulted in them themselves getting what they tried to impose on others.

To tell the truth, those who suffered most were not the ones directly inciting the economic and financial collapse but the nations of the countries they represent.

A paradox situation has emerged as a result of which people who were affected by the sanctions imposed by their governments on another country start feeling deceived and realize that it is they themselves who, as a result of their authorities’ unreasonable measures, have turned out to be guilty though guiltless.

So now the “boomerang” of their discontent will strike those who contrived this ominous and unexpected situation on Earth.

It so happened that globalists in an attempt to dodge the blow by Russia jeopardize innocent people who are now reaping the “fruit” of their labour.

As a result, the circumstances on Earth have taken highly explosive turn indeed featuring lie, hypocrisy and violence to people – both physical and moral.

So, at the territory of Ukraine thousands of innocent people die that have found themselves hostages of the military conflict triggered by globalists, while in dozens of countries there are millions of people as innocent suffering from economic crisis, facing financial problems and moral misfortunes and, actually, being hostages of the shadow government too.

In the long run the “trap” that globalists’ marionettes have driven themselves into should close from two sides now: in terms of Russia against which they initiated war and their own population that as a result of economic crisis has also turned out to be an aggrieved party.

And this “explosion” can occur any minute.

So as to cushion the blow, as often as possible try to do séances on harmonization of the situation on Earth making use of the Flame of Universe Love for dissolving negative energies and third dimension programmes, as well as the Energy of Ascension for transformation of people’s conscience, which will facilitate their revival.

This way, you will help your planet and her inhabitants to pass the narrowest part of the “neck” on the way to Ascension alleviating the military, economic and finance crisis artificially created by the Dragon reptiles in order to retard the Transition of Earth to the Fifth dimension where they themselves will not be able to survive under any circumstances this time.

And I bless you for this!

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on May 5, 2022.

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