WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Artificial intelligence)

window-on-new-world-artificial-intelligenceGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today we will go on talking about the threats that lie in wait for the people in the modern world.

And this time at issue will be artificial intelligence that is presented to you as a prominent scientific product designed to make human life easier.

So as to help you understand the idea of this phenomenon better, I would like to draw a parallel between the technologies of highly developed civilizations’ representatives and the things that you are now being offered by the scientists who are working under the aegis of the deep state.

While in the worlds of high vibrations not a single technical design attempts on the conscience or physical bodies of these worlds’ inhabitants, the technologies that are now being developed on Earth are aimed not only at the submitting of human conscience but also, being introduced into people’s bodies, at controlling them too.

The risk of such a crime could be only taken by the creatures who are deprived of the Divine Soul that the Dragon reptiles exactly are.

And in this desire of theirs they have gone thus far that have learnt to use artificial intelligence in your everyday life directing your attention and, generally speaking, conscience the way they need.

Few people realize to a full degree that they are under unceasing and intent observation.

And it is mostly done by means of mobile phones that for the majority of people have become integral part of their life, which with no exaggeration can be compared with drug abuse.

With the same purpose on the internet there were created numerous “social nets” where gullible people lay their personal life open for public inspection.

Few manage to keep away from the global net that has enveloped your planet and has been controlled by artificial intelligence since long ago.

Well, what is its major threat?

Before all, it is in the fact that it is invisible for people and, consequently, it operates without their Will violating one of the main Laws of the Universe.

Moreover, the programme installed in it is designed to lead human attention and, generally speaking, their energy either the material or pseudo spiritual way.

All this retards people’s spiritual development hampering their vibrations’ increase, which is so important for everyone who are potentially ready for Transition.

Apart from other things, the ramified net of artificial intelligence shows as sticky cobweb at the subtle level of your planet that prevents the passing of pure Divine energy.

And it is accounted for by the fact that unlike living beings including even astral beings it does not possess its own energy and at the subtle level looks like some soulless substance of the artificial origin.

Therefore, the only way to neutralize it is to liberate your conscience from its influence.

And next time we will talk about the way you can do it.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 21, 2023.

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