WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (With no regret or feeling guilty)

window-on-new-world-with-no-regret-or-feeling-guiltyGreetings, my dear beloved children!

As a follow-up to my previous message today I would like to go on talking about the “echoes” of the third dimension world that you cannot manage to get rid of so far.

One more problem for many of you remains the indecisiveness to “undock” from your close people who have made up their mind to stay in the third dimension world.

That is why even being in the fourth dimension by your conscience, yet, by your Soul, you remain in the third one since cannot accept their decision to a full extent yet.

And it is really extremely hard to do especially when it comes to parents or children who have very strong energy ties with each other.

Since we have already talked a lot about this, today I just want to give you a tip how to make your Soul free from regret and guilt because of the fact that you cannot take your nearest and dearest to a new happy life.

As a matter of fact, it is impossible for them not because you failed to tell them about Ascension so that they understand and respond to it the same way as you did.

They cannot move to a higher dimension due to their low vibrations that do not resonate with the fourth dimension.

If an individual completely denies the spiritual side of their life, it means their conscience is not ready AT ALL to leave the metes and bounds of the material world.

And any persuasions or explanations for your part will turn in vain.

For it is impossible to make a young child who has just learnt to read get down to studying profound philosophic works.

Well, this is what many of you are trying to do: make a person understand what their conscience and Soul have not become mature enough for, the Soul that has not mastered the basics of the third dimension world.

It is curious of and interested in everything here.

There are so many temptations and toys it has not got enough of yet.

And you are trying to take them away from it and force into your boring “adults” world with its better life ephemeral perspectives they do not understand, the life they cannot “touch with their hands” just as they can in respect of the third dimension reality – dear and close.

This is the reason why you incite such annoyance and even aggression in your close people when you talk about Ascension.

It is too complicated and incomprehensible for them – they cannot jump from a kindergarten straight to a spiritual university.

The gap between your conscience and theirs is so huge that it is impossible for them to overcome it during the time left before Transition now.

And you should put up with it, my dear, whatever sad it may seem to you.

Moreover, your Soul does not want to go back there either – to the “childhood” that passed.

It has already had enough of those games – this is the stage it passed long ago.

Let everyone follow their own way – the one that is exciting and was chosen by their Soul.

Do not violate the free will of each other.

And remember that even if before your incarnation on Earth your Soul chose this particular family, it does not mean at all that all of you were attracted according to vibrations or age of your souls.

Most often the Soul chooses the families to incarnate into that will enable it to live through the experience it lacks or to untie old painful knots of karma.

So view your close people just this way – as temporary fellow travelers you were granted with by your destiny in another incarnation of yours.

And do not regret that your ways have parted: it means this is what the “design” of your destinies is, and this is the predestination of each of you.

Only in the Fifth dimension you will meet and recognize at once the ones who are your actual family – your star brothers and sisters, congenial souls and your twin flames.

You will also see your close people who remained in the third dimension and will clearly understand how far they still are from the path you are destined to.

You will let them go easily with a smile on your face having sent them all your Love and Gratitude for the years you lived side by side.

I bless you and love you immensely!

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 6, 2022.

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