WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (Villains or “heroes” of Revival?)

window-on-new-world-villains-or-heroes-of-revivalGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to go on talking about your life in a new reality and focus on some other peculiarities of its.

What makes the principle difference between life in the third and fourth dimensions?

Since the fourth dimension is a transitional one – intermediate – between the third and the Fifth dimensions, it features some traits of both the third and the Fifth dimensions.

While the third dimension lacks any features of the Fifth dimension.

And now we will try to figure out what you should eliminate in yourselves as the third dimension echoes and what, on the contrary, you should gain.

We will act on the premises that you feel quite confident in the world of the fourth dimension and you only have to “correct” some things in yourselves so as to eventually tip your scales in favour of the Fifth dimension.

Well, what heritage of the third dimension world have you brought to the fourth dimension?

First of all, it is instability of your vibrations.

So far it is hard for you to get emotionally uninvolved from the events taking place in the world – so unfair and contradictory they seem to you.

That is why you plunge in discussing them over and over again lacking the ability to look at everything in an impartial way completely accepting their negative and positive points.

It is really hard to do, my dear, since your Soul is striving for just and punishment of the guilty.

But if there were no those guilty and of thus appalling crimes at that, the ones the shadow government and their marionettes at the helm have stained their honour with, you would not be able to revive from the dormancy you have been for so long either.

Be thankful to them for the fact that they have helped millions of people to open eyes to the current events: that they have brought everything to the point of absurdity, to the condition when no one can remain indifferent because the effects of their activities have concerned every inhabitant of your planet now.

And if to consider all their deeds from such a perspective, they will seem “heroes” to you who have assumed the mission of the Revival of humanity.

This way, having changed your attitude to these criminals at the helm, you will make your psychic condition balanced and, consequently, your vibrations will come back to normal keeping at the level of the fourth dimension all the time now.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 5, 2022.

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