WINDOW ON NEW WORLD (In new energies and new reality)

window-on-new-world-in-new-energies-and-new-realityGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Since there begins a very important stage of your life now – in new energies and new reality – I would like to give you several tips.

I hope, they will help you remain at the height that you have managed to get due to tireless everyday work at yourselves.

First. Never forget about your main goal – Transition to the Fifth dimension in your physical body.

Whatever hard times you are living through, as soon as possible imagine yourselves in this Divine high vibration space moving there by all you being.

And the more realistic this picture is, the less the distance you have to travel to achieve your goal is.

Remember that time and space are relative notions and, consequently, the moment of “here and now” can be lived by you where your conscience finds itself at this minute.

And let it be as often as possible at the space of the Fifth dimension thereby making your personal Transition closer.

Second. If you are overwhelmed by doubts, impatience or lack of self-confidence, in your thoughts throw off your physical body and imagine you are a pure Soul that is never afraid of anything since it has got eternity in front of it.

Be thankful to all your hardships – physical and moral – for the invaluable experience of living in the third dimension world they gave you and the one your Soul has coped with appropriately and due to which it finds itself at the very threshold of the Fifth dimension.

Third. Do not be lazy to work at your physical body gradually transforming it into the light crystalline one.

Remember that everyday and laborious work at it can work wonders.

The same way as physical exercise keeps your muscles fit, so energy practices change the subtle material structure of your body and its vibrations.

These energy “muscles” are the breath of life for you now since it is them that can resonate with the new vibrations of Earth, which will enable you to go on a fascinating trip to new dimensions.

Fourth. Do not get involved into the whirlpool of events that will develop increasingly swiftly with every single day.

Learn to restrain excessive emotions, both negative and positive ones.

Remember that it is necessary to stick to the middle course in everything sustaining a calm and balanced condition of your Soul.

Only this way you will manage to keep a regular – uniform – level of vibrations in all your chakras and bodies.

Any energy leaps or distortions are fraught with falling out of the fourth dimension space where many of you have settled rather firmly now.

And fifth. Do not get involved into long discussions.

Learn to be laconic expressing your thoughts simply, clearly and briefly, which will render them important in the eyes of the people around.

In everything avoid excessiveness that features low vibrations of the third dimension world.

And let it become the first step to telepathic communication for you that is based not on words but images and sense algorithms.

Getting imprinted at the subtle level they create energy designs of extraordinary harmony and beauty.

And this harmony is attained due to the fact they lack excessiveness that ruins such designs.

Verbosity, fuss and excessive emotionality are the lot of low dimension worlds’ inhabitants.

The worlds of high vibrations are reigned by laconism, wisdom and simplicity that are guided by the energies of Unity and Unconditional Love.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on November 4, 2022.

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