transformation-of-public-opinionGreetings, my dear beloved children!

Today I would like to highlight one more aspect of such notion as public opinion.

And at issue is the ways of its transformation depending on the situation and changing conscience of people.

As you know, public opinion is mostly formed by those who are in charge of the media.

This is the easiest and shortest way to human minds of those unwilling to think independently and taking for gospel the information conveyed by the heads of their countries.

But suppose, one fine day globalists lose control over the mainstream media and they are taken over by the honest and brave journalists and TV presenters sharing credible and documented facts on the current events, then the public opinion of this passive section of population can very quickly change for the opposite one.

They will take everything for gospel as obediently since the information is communicated through the news resource they are used to even if its sense changes drastically and those who they treated as enemies suddenly turn out friends.

This is the “magic” of television with its “talking heads” telling people what, when and how they should do.

Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of the planet’s population lives just this way not bothering themselves with analysis of the things in progress, to say the least of searching for alternative information.

But these days the situation on Earth is changing so swiftly that no one manages to keep aloof from the numerous problems initiated by the shadow government through their marionettes at the helm of the leading countries of the world.

While the average man used to be interested in keeping track of military conflicts, food crises and misfortunes of people in some remote countries, meanwhile finding themselves in the comfort of their usual life conditions, under the force of the “circumstances” all of them are swiftly being driven out of comfort zone this time.

As a result, military conflicts, refugees, depletion of their own welfare are inevitably impending and concern each of them.

Now, like it or not, people have to think why it has happened: how their countries’ leaders could let such situation arise and why they have failed to prevent the upcoming crisis in all spheres of life.

This way public opinion of the average man starts to transform from complete trust to doubt and sometimes even to distrust in respect of authorities and to censure of their actions.

Which is proved by numerous protest actions that are taking place all across the globe these days.

For now their vibrations are low since they convey the energies of anger, discontent, censure and aggression.

But as long as the truth will be revealed to wide sections of population and the media will be taken over by honest and decent people, public opinion will begin to get “harmonized” being leveled mentally and in terms of energy.

This will be also facilitated by the high vibration energies that with every single day are filling Earth more and more.

Dissolving the negative energies and programmes of the third dimension world, they will start to transform human conscience in an intensive way, which will result in mass revival and, consequently, in public opinion changes that from now on will be formed according to quite distinct principles: not lie or fraud, but truth and purity.

And it is within your depth to make this long-awaited time closer when not only some certain pure and light souls promote the Transition of Earth to the Fifth dimension but the so-called “overwhelming majority”, that lives a material-oriented life and dutifully executes all the authorities’ instructions, intentionally or unintentionally joining the process too.

And the main “leverage” with respect to them can become the very public opinion but the renewed one now as well as purified from the “scum” of the third dimensionality and corresponding to the new reality of Earth.

Here we will stop for today.

Loving you endlessly,

Father-Absolute spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 15, 2022.

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