price-of-great-victoryGreetings, our dear earthlings!

Well, here has come the crucial battle of the Light Forces and Dark on Earth at the physical level this time.

The events are developing according to the classical scenario: Dark Forces resorting to the most unfair methods hide their true plans under the cover of lie and hypocrisy, while the Light Forces fighting a many-headed insidious Snake for the sake of humanity have to defend their reputation exposing endless intrigues of the opponent.

But it will be a “fairy tale” with the happy end.

The humanity that is sleeping for the time being will recover from dormancy before long.

And it will occur due to the energy “shock” on your planet that will concern everyone, and it is impossible to stop this process now.

The flows of the high vibration energies will “wash away” from people’s souls all the dirt leaving in them only pure and light things they have.

Negative energies will not be able to withstand the pressure of vibrations thus high and will dissolve in these Divine “beams” disappearing from Earth forever now.

What about those who have nothing pure and light in them?

In this case a person themselves will get “dissolved” – entirely this time.

It will appear as leaving the physical level through the death from some disease but it will actually occur because of the inability to “digest” new high vibration energies.

While those with pure Divine energies prevailing will get incredibly inspired in terms of soul: overflowed with Unconditional Love to anything and everything, unceasing joy and happiness.

It will happen thanks to the fact that their own pure energies having been provided with an additional “charge” of high vibrations, will force out all the remains of negative energies and third dimension programmes from their energy space.

As a result, these people will gain their original Divine wholeness and purity, which will enable them to make a smooth gradual and trouble-free Transition to the world of the Fifth dimension where they will be welcomed by their new friends – those who have chosen support of humanity during Transition as their mission.

Among them there will be a lot of those who are helping you at present too staving off the Dark Forces’ representatives’ attempts, before they inevitably lose, to annihilate millions of people on Earth.

We see that your opponents have gone thus far in their helpless anger and hatred that even the most innocent and unsuspecting people begin to see their “animal snarl” turning away from those who used to be indisputable authorities for them just not long ago.

So now there is only one way left to stem their crimes and outrage: military actions aimed against them that, unfortunately, result in innocent people losing their lives as well.

This is the price of the liberation of humanity from centuries-old enslavement, and you should put up with it.

Yet, do know that most of the Souls that gave their lives for this Great Victory over the Forces of Dark will find themselves on the renewed Earth in their physical bodies and will not go on wandering in the third dimension worlds.

Their sacrifice was not in vain, and they will well deserve thus unique experience of Transition to another dimension in their physical bodies passing “en route” through the “corridor” of the subtle level to contribute to their Soul’s “treasury”.

We hope that this fact will comfort many of those who lost their nearest and dearest in this final crucial battle of earthlings against the Forces of Dark.

You will soon see them safe and sound.

They are under the protection of the Forces of Light and are already waiting for you on the new Earth of the Fifth dimension.

The Council of the Galaxy Light Federation spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on April 16, 2022.

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