crucial-crossroadsGreetings, dear earthlings!

We have come today to support you in your hour of need.

We see that many of you have been overtaken by disappointment because of the fact that Transition has been prolonged that much.

You have such an impression because you take into consideration only external factors.

It seems to you that everything is running along the beaten track – in accordance with the plans of those who you call globalists.

But we would like to tell you that the scenario in which their plan on total enslavement of humanity could turn out successful disappeared from your time line and the fact that its “echoes” are still showing at the physical level by inertia is some kind of a “phantom trace” like the one that is left by an airplane that is flying away.

How and why has it happened?

The tide turned this summer that was the point of intersection of two time lines each of which began developing according to their own scenario.

This summer has determined your further destiny having become a symbolic “crossroads” for you at which one should make one’s most important choice.

But this time such a choice should be done by the whole humanity at the level of their collective conscience.

At this “crossroads” like on scales there were weighed all the parameters necessary for the humanity’s transition to the Fifth dimension: general level of vibrations, people’s degree of awareness, amount of souls revived and many more – subtler parameters of spiritual development of each person.

This summer humanity have passed their main examination in being ready for by far the greatest unprecedented evolution leap in their development.

It cannot be said that this “exam” was passed brilliantly, yet, humanity have managed to “move to the next class” and remain at the time line favourable for them.

And here the main assistants were your Souls that have gone through fire and water during hundreds of your incarnations in the third dimension world – like no one else they saw and understood all your troubles, ups and downs.

But the main thing, they knew about your greatest and most cherished desire to leave the dual world of the third dimension and come back home – to the world of Love and Light.

And this desire of pure and mature human souls has prevailed over all the rest and let humanity carry on moving along the time line that leads to the world of the Fifth dimension.

Now the representatives of the Forces of Dark embodied as humans will start leaving your planet faster following their scenario of developments, while those who have chosen Ascension will advance to their goal at an accelerated speed.

And we will do our best to help you from the subtle level to overcome all the obstacles on this way.

The Council of Elders of the Pleiades Constellation spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on September 14, 2023.

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