energy-reboot-of-earthGreetings, my dear earthlings!

Today I would like to tell you about the things that are going on at the subtle level of Earth and about your role in these events crucial for your planet.

To start with, during the coming summer months there going to take place the main energy “reboot” of Earth.

And this is what I mean by this term.

There will be performed old energy programmes nullification and to accomplish this huge amount of extra-terrestrial spaceships are involved that are carrying out the corresponding works around the globe.

As I have already told you in one of my previous messages, we did a lot of work at creating some energy intermediate layer between different dimensions so that people can perceive without detriment to their health the new high vibration frequency energies arriving on Earth nowadays.

It was some kind of preparation of earthlings for a more complicated operation on Earth energy component change.

And this is how the present energy “reboot” will be implemented.

With the help of Light Streams carrying the Fifth dimension energy there will be dissolved the most stable and, consequently, the densest low vibration frequency blocks that contain people zombiefication programmes created by reptiloids.

It is expected to result in mass revival of human beings – their conscience deliverance from the most sustained mentality and behaviour patterns.

Depending on the results of this first step of our work there will be made a decision about further actions.

Such energy “reboot” will influence people the following way.

Those featuring too low vibration frequencies, with reptiloids and people of conscience totally overwhelmed by duality among them, will pass away to appropriate worlds.

While those whose conscience will be able to accept new energies and new life reality will see the current affairs and leading countries’ heads in the raw: all the masks will be thrown off, all the sceneries will be removed.

What is done by night will appear by day and people will get horrified at the way they used to live, who they used to obey and what they have done to their beautiful planet.

And this will be a starting point of really mass revival of human beings.

Why is it right now that the GLF has made a decision on the operation like this?

It is caused only by the fact that there are no chances of delay any more: your planet’s self-cleansing process is going on at a too high pace and natural disasters gain the status of a worldwide catastrophe.

Everything is done for the sake of people – those destined to transmit to the Fifth dimension together with Earth, the ones who have incarnated on Earth just for this.

They are the purest and most ancient souls – “the elite” of the Universe, our dear family, and we will do our best to assist them to fulfill the great experiment of the Creator on transmitting in their physical bodies to the new Earth of the Fifth dimension where we are looking forward to meeting them and we will take advantage of every opportunity to help them to adjust to new conditions as fast as possible.

We will be happy if you also join in this work and do séances and meditations on dissolving the most sustained programmes of the 3D world.

In this case our Light Streams coming down and upwards will unite and become hundreds of times as powerful, which means that long-awaited changes on Earth will occur faster and more smoothly for you.

We deeply love you and believe in you indeed!

Ashtar Sheran spoke to you on behalf of the Galaxy Light Federation.

Channeled by Marta on June 13, 2019

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