technology-of-energy-oppositionGreetings, dear earthlings!

We have come to you with a certain mission today, and it is to communicate to you the decision of the Pleiades Council of Elders in terms of your planet’s support in the struggle for deliverance from the Dragon reptiles and Orions’ yoke.

We see that at present this struggle has reached its final stage and the heat of tension from both the sides has come up to the summit.

Of course, the situation is really a complicated and multi-level one both at the subtle, and physical level since it developed long ago – this confrontation has lasted for centuries.

The hatred to the Slavonic nations for the part of the Dragon reptiles is explained by the fact that it is these nations that were progenitors of modern society – the very Human Gods who your world’s conquerors have failed to manage all in all despite ultimate power and finance having been in their grip since long ago.

But which is even more regrettable, all the mainstream media have turned out to be under their control too.

It is due to the centralized information attack on Russia that they succeeded in setting the rest of the world on it.

The things now in progress on your planet can hardly be called anything else but the bacchanalia of the Dark Forces.

That is why we have made the following decision.

By means of the technologies we have at our disposal we will set a powerful energy dome over Russia that will protect it from external intervention both at the energy, and physical level.

Our decision is determined by the fact that the cornered deep state’s marionettes, whose crimes will be made public in no time now, are capable of any provocation at present so as to conceal the traces of their crimes.

That is why we get in charge and patronage of the whole territory of Russia and in case any harmful substances dissipation they will be immediately neutralized.

Moreover, to harmonize the situation at the region of the hostilities we are going to make use of the so-called technology of energy opposition.

What is it?

It is rays of direction effect that feature concentrated high vibration energy of Unconditional Love.

Getting in contact with people generating anger and aggression these rays not just dissolve these negative energies but reprogram them from “minus” to “plus”.

To some extent it resembles the psychotronic weapons being used in Ukraine but with an opposite charge.

While the Dragon reptiles use it in order to provoke human hatred and aggression, our “weapons” change human conscience in favour of Light.

Unfortunately, it can influence only people with pure souls since reptiloids, let alone clones, participating in the military conflict will be invulnerable to such kind of energy influence due to lack of upper chakras that can take in high vibration energies.

But the people who were involved into the conflict by fraud or under psychotronic weapons effect will be able to get enlightened, which will be enough to change the course of the military operation for the better.

They will start realizing who they served and the abyss the present-day Ukrainian government is leading their way to.

It will help turn the tide and put an end to the military confrontation in the shortest possible time.

Such decision was made by us not straight away but only when we made sure that the Russian nation had gained the necessary degree of Unity and Consolidation and is ready to go all the way to protect its right for Freedom and Independence.

As you see, our dear earthlings, we are moving on to the practical phase of our cooperation and we really hope to make a considerable contribution to your victory over the Dark Forces.

Sincerely loving you the Pleiades brothers spoke to you

Channeled by Marta on March 11, 2022.

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