last-heightGreetings, my dear light souls!

Here has actually arrived the moment of the outcome of the confrontation between the Light Forces and the Forces of Dark that has been in progress on your planet for millennia.

And it is taking place at the very threshold of Earth’s entering the Fifth dimension.

You have the last “height” to take that the deep state’s marionettes are so desperately trying to hold by means of the media in their grip.

You must admit, my dear, that lie, cynicism and hypocrisy have never gained thus huge universe scale.

But this is the only way to ultimately tear off the masks from all Dark henchmen.

It is essential to bring to light all the criminals who seized power on Earth and show them in the raw – in all their undisguised meanness.

As you see they have repugnance to anything and are ready to ruin their own countries and nations in the name of hatred to those who dared to show independence and oppose the plans on Earth’s population reduction and total enslavement of the people survived.

And my role in this process is to reveal the genuine essence of each inhabitant of Earth as much as possible.

Perhaps, it is now that on your planet there is no intelligent being left who can escape making their choice either in favour of Light, or Dark.

But the choice becomes much more complicated to make because they have just TO FEEL the truth, not to allow themselves to be led by somebody else’s point of view that is being constantly imposed on them day and night from without.

Now each person on Earth is taking their last and the most difficult exam in their soul purity and ability to separate the husk from the grain.

But his “grain” is hidden under such a thick layer of falsification of the authorities and the media under their control that few are to find it.

Everything is filled with the “husk” wrapping thick around the planet.

The golden “grains” of the truth are being communicated to people by few honest bloggers and journalists who hold the fort and all-round defense courageously sometimes putting their life and welfare at risk.

Now on Earth everything has reached its climax being brought to a head, and I only have to watch the fruit of my labour.

I have already done everything I could: provided people with the opportunity of choice between Light and Dark.

So now there have joined their Souls and Safeguard Angels who like nobody else are concerned about the person choosing Light.

Each person on Earth now is getting a lot of support and clues as various pieces of information, right people and complicated life situations.

Now everything depends on people themselves: whether they will see the clues, accept the valuable support of the Light Forces and their own higher aspects or will allow themselves to be run by “public opinion”.

But, of course, the greatest help is arriving now from Heavens.

It is high vibration energies purifying human conscience from the negative influence from without and the third dimension world programmes, as well as the energies of Love and Light that are being sent to you by Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, your Galaxy brothers and sisters.

The whole Universe has joined this grand crucial battle of earthlings for deliverance from slavery in an attempt to rescue as many light and pure human souls as possible.

I see that a lot of people are starting to revive, and I am happy to realize that I also have made my fair share to this sacred action despite the fact that I was assigned with quite an unenviable role of a “provocateur” to initiate these or those emotions and actions in people.

Yet, believe me, my dear, sometimes “shock therapy” works out in a far more efficient and quicker manner than slow and sparing “treatment”.

I believe that many of those now reading this message will pass their last exams on Earth coming off with flying colours and their Souls will acquire the never unseen before experience of transition to the Fifth dimension in their present incarnation.

I deeply love you and take pride in you!

Archangel Lucifer spoke to you today

Channeled by Marta on March 12, 2022.

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